Following the enormous success I’ve had with my article on How to Win a Girls Heart, I’ve decided to start writing a more detailed guide on this very topic. But this time, I will break down each subject involved into separate posts with more detail so that you guys can get the best out of it. Another reason why I’m doing this is because I don’t intend to keep my original article on its current platform forever.

NOTE: I will NOT be writing any sort of sexual advice on this guide. This guide is about how to win a girls heart not about how to win her to your bed! If you’re just messing around with someone for time pass, this guide will be useless for you so please discontinue reading if you’re here with such intent.

So let’s begin with the first part, does your look matter when it comes to winning a girls heart?

Let’s be honest here, physical attraction does play some sort of role in all relationships. By this, we’re not talking about what you’re born with. How you look naturally is what God has blessed you with and you should be happy just the way you are. You should love yourself for who you really are and so should the girl you’re aiming for.

My golden rule for love: You can be Mr.Universe, have six packs, 8 packs bla bla but if your personality is trash, you’re ugly. Nothing more, nothing less.

This however, does not mean that you can avoid taking a shower every day or not brushing your teeth and expect a girl to be with you just because your personality is great. Come on, these are things that you have control over.

Personal Hygiene matters a lot. How does this have anything to do with winning a girls heart?

Well you wouldn’t want to win her heart if you had no intention of marrying her right? If so, why should she be with someone who is unclean and doesn’t take care of his personal hygiene because he’s just lazy? Unless you’re in a situation where you’re sick or have a disability that prevents you from taking good care of your personal hygiene by yourself, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE on this.

You don’t have to be wearing Armani perfume or Timberland shoes, but you sure can wear some clean clothes and take care of your personal hygiene right?

Brush your teeth, do your hair, shave when you have to, wear some cologne/deodorant and take care of your personal hygiene every day. No girl wants to be cuddling with a husband who is stinky. I do not want to sugar coat this truth with lies so accept this fact and keep yourself clean.

So my conclusion on this subject is that a great personality takes over good looks any day but this is no excuse to avoid things that you have absolute control over, like your personal hygiene and some moderate exercise.

The subject of the next part of this series will be “Are you being Romantic or Desperate?”.

And here it is: How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 2- Are You Being Romantic or Desperate? 

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