CC Licensed via Pixabay-IMAGE-WS Modified by DreamyBlogger

CC Licensed via Pixabay-IMAGE-WS
Modified by DreamyBlogger

Trying to impress a girl in a romantic manner is VERY different to doing stuff that can come across as being a bit too desperate. Do not ever underestimate a girl’s power to know when a guy is complimenting her genuinely and when he is complimenting her because he wants something.

Likewise, nothing lets her know how desperate you are more than your own words when you start talking about inappropriate things [sexual] constantly, especially when you two haven’t even got to know each other properly yet. If that’s what you’re after then you’re not in love with her and you should also stop reading this post.

Don’t commit real life plagiarism.

Another thing guys should keep in mind is that, searching for tips on how to impress her, win her heart etc is all fine because it just means you want to make your best effort for her BUT please do not copy or memorize sentences word for word and commit plagiarism in real life! Imagine she says to her mate “ah he said this cute line to me today that no one has ever said before” and then the curious mate [girls and curiosity are best friends] ends up Googling it. :/

Get ideas and inspirations but don’t say or write things word for word. Dedicating a sweet quote or saying is fine but don’t make it out like those are your own words.

If you’re really in love with her, take her out to places that could mean something for her rather than to a park or cinemas all the time. Not that watching a movie together is a bad thing to do but you can be different. Show her that you’re not like every other guy and just do something different. Whether it be a trip to the local museum or to the beach, take her to places where she can breathe in some fresh air and know that someone wants her to be happy.

The main point of this subject is that whatever you do and say should not come to her as if you just want her for lustful desires and it should say to her that you just want to see her happy and be herself.

Oh yes some guys take being sweet to another level and fake compliment for no reason, don’t do that. If her eyeliner is flooding under her eyes, she will not be impressed with your poem about how her eyes look like sword blabla you get what I’m saying?

The subject of the next part of this series will be “Don’t remind her of her past if you see yourself in her future!”.

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