You’ve probably heard others say that girls are pretty gullible. That’s right, girls can be gullible but not so much when it comes to the A-Z part.  Huh? That means her close friends can know everything about her but there could always be that one thing that she is just not ready to reveal yet. It could be anything literally. It could be something that she regrets or something that she is experiencing at the moment.

Deep inside, girls always seek for that one person to talk about anything and everything with. They seek for this freedom where they don’t have to worry about the after consequences of letting this person know about whatever it is.

If you can become her real best friend before you become her boyfriend, trust me, you will be the best boyfriend she could ever have! This doesn’t mean you nag her to tell you everything or expect her to though, but it means that you show her love in a way she feels she can be completely open and honest with you about anything.

The subject of part 5 of this series will be ‘Let the girl breathe’.

Here are the first four parts if you haven’t read it already:

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By being her best friend and boyfriend at the same time, you could win her heart and keep it.

What matters? Winning and losing her heart after a short period of time or winning and keeping it as long as you live?