Adding the right amount of salt to your food will make it taste nice and the food will be ruined if you add too much salt to it. Likewise, a tiny winy bit of jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship is admirable. It shows you care and love her so much.

But what happens when you cross the limit of possessiveness and jealousy?

Your relationship will no longer be a healthy one that values and respects each other’s individuality. What she found cute in the beginning, she will eventually find it annoying and you can’t blame her for it.

Wanting to spend time with her is fine but wanting her to spend her time only with you is not.

Learn to respect your girl as an individual and give her the space she deserves as a human being. Buying a box of chocolates and a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day, any guy can do that. But how are you going to stand out?

Don’t annoy her to the point where she starts seeking peace from elsewhere.

Unless she is evidently flirting with other guy/s and/ or cheating on you behind your back, you should not get on her nerves about every single male that she knows in her life. I say this because some guys can actually be that possessive to the point where they get mad at their girl even when she is just casually talking to her friend who is a guy or a cousin or even a stranger.

What happened to her friends and families?

Let the girl breathe. Allow her to keep and maintain the priorities she had in her life before meeting you, unless one of her priorities was her ex of course. If she used to have day outs with her mates, let her do that even after she falls in love with you. If she enjoyed having family sleepovers on a regular basis, let her continue. If she used to enjoy swimming, don’t stop her from doing it just because you don’t want her to wear a swimming dress! Do you get where I’m coming?

Don’t make her feel like a caged bird.

CC Licensed via Flickr-Ernst Moeksis Modified by DreamyBlogger

CC Licensed via Flickr-Ernst Moeksis
Modified by DreamyBlogger

The point here is that all the happiness she had before meeting you, should only continue to increase after meeting and deciding to be with you. If you entered into her life with false promises and made her feel like a caged bird in the end, she is going to want to fly away soon.

Unless she takes drugs, is an alcoholic or has any other harmful lifestyle habits, you shouldn’t be interrupting in her freedom to be herself.

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So what do you think guys? Have you or will you allow your girl the freedom she deserves? I’d love to hear what you have to say.