This post applies to those men who seriously believe that the only priority for a woman in her life is to please her husband in bed, be a master chef in the kitchen and raise her children well. Of course these are things that become a part of a woman’s life but that’s not the only thing she is made for.

Oh hello, please come out of your caveman world because we are in 2014!

God created woman for man and man for woman so they can support and love each other, not so man can treat her like dust.

Expecting your future wife to know some basic cooking skills is normal but expecting that only she should be in charge of the kitchen department is insane.

Girls actually love guys who can cook or at least make a tea and a sandwich!

Of course we don’t really expect guys to cook like Gordon Ramsay [though we’d love it], but being able to make some sandwich or having the attitude to help her out in the kitchen when she is cooking, damn that’s a real man right there!

It’s one of those simple things you can do to show your respect for her as an individual and your effort to establish equality in your relationship.

The subject of the next part will be ‘Yolo and Swag is NOT going to pay the bills’.

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Sooo can you make a sandwich?