This post is not intended for guys who actually mean it for real when they call another girl their sister. If you’re one of them, then please ignore it. It’s only for those who misuse that term.

There is a fine difference between seeing a girl as a sister for real and just using that term as a way to avoid being labelled as a couple. It’s wonderful to see another girl you met as your sister but did you know your actions speak louder than your words? I mean you don’t have to be giggling on the phone to her 24/7 or see her privately at night clubs and other inappropriate places if you really do see her as a sister.

Some guys would actually tell their girlfriends lies that the girl they hang around with is like a sister from another mother and so much crap about how family is not just blood etc but behind the scenes, they will be getting up to some real funny businesses. You might have heard about such stories yourself.

The point of this post is that you should learn to maintain your limit with every female other than your mom and real blood sisters. Talking on the phone is fine but if your phone bill is being wasted on this sister from another mother more than your girl, what the heck?

Going to places with your sister from another mother in day light is okay, assuming you’re letting your girl know about it too but secretly seeing her in private places for deep conversations about life and so on is BS!

Be nice to everyone, including that so called sister but just make sure that whatever your doing doesn’t come across as if you’re doing something behind your girlfriends back.

Another thing is that some of these sisters from another mothers actually have the nerves to call guys [so called brothers] at late in the night to chat for hours because they’re bored and message 24/7 with love hearts and so many xx stuff like hello, calm your brotherly love right there!

Be open with your girlfriend and don’t act in ways that come across as if you’re paying more importance for these other girls than your own girlfriend because whatever funny business you get up to, just remember, she can do the same!

Okay guys, what you’ve just read is the final part of the ‘How to Win a Girls Heart’ series. I’m going to write a short summary post after this and have all 10 parts listed on it.

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How do you feel about this subject? Would you like it if your girlfriend spent half of her time and gave more importance to her so called brother from another mother than she does with you?