Package? What the heck is this girl on about? (Yup, I can hear your mind voice :D).

The “Package” is her family. If you fall in love with a girl, you need to be at some point, willing to meet her parents and siblings [if she has any]. A lot of guys back off when a girl brings up the subject of him meeting her parents and if you too do that, she’s going to end up thinking you’re not serious about her.

Likewise, you should at some point make a way for her to meet your parents too. Her parents accepting you and your parents accepting her matters but what matters more is your effort to make it happen.

Instead of ignoring her if she ever brought up the subject of meeting your parents or you meeting hers, show her that you are interested. If you have a super valid reason for why she cannot meet your parents when she wants to, let her know that in a way she understands.

The subject of part 10 [final part] of this series will be ‘Sister from another mother? Calm your hype on that!’

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How will you react when it comes to introducing your girlfriend to your family members?