How sudden is it? If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is talking to you after a significant period of time, it can only mean one of the following things:

  1. Your ex is missing you and wants to get back with you. In which case, you will see him or her making the move to flirt with you again, sometimes apologize and start doing the things they used to do when you two were together.
  2. Someone or something just reminded him or her about you so they just wanted to see how you’re doing in life. After all your ex must have played some kind of role in your life and you in theirs so it’s normal for them to wonder what you’re getting up to. Blame it on curiosity!
  3. Your ex wants you to miss him or her. When it’s this reason, your ex will talk about past memories and so on but will not really have an intention to be with you. They might already be in another relationship but will still make some hard effort to make you miss them for fun.
  4. Your ex just wants to come back and ruin your life. Period! 

So which one do you think it is?