These are the 9 official Madea movies by Tyler Perry so far. The first 8 of these movies were originally created for his popular stage plays and then made into movies (because we all just love Madea!).

The 9th one, which was released in 2015, is an animated movie of Madea.

‘Madea gets a job’ (2012) stage play has not been made into a movie, yet, and ‘Madea’s neighbors from hell’ is the new play in progress for 2014.

I believe these two will also be out on the big screen soon (hopefully).

Madea DVDs are available on Amazon.

NO 1: Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

I still remember the first time I bumped into this movie 2 years ago, it was when I was searching on Google for funny and uplifting movies for women. Google gave me a pleasant surprise by introducing me to Madea!

I seriously wonder if I’m the only one who failed to realize that Madea is Tyler Perry when I first watched this movie. I kept saying to myself “ah this face looks so familiar” but didn’t get it until I watched another one and then asked Google for help again.

Diary of a mad black woman is the story of a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman named Helen McCarter (Kimberly Elise) who is betrayed and treated badly by her husband, Charles (Steve Harris) of 18 years.

She was a loving and faithful wife to her husband and for the 18 whole years that she lived with him, her world was nothing more than being a good house wife.

Charles leaves and announces to divorce her for another (white) woman.

The movie portrays the pain of Helen and all that mess that she goes through after being chucked out by her husband. She takes refuge at Madea’s (her grandmother) house. Madea, as we all know is a gigantic, brave, short tempered and hilarious woman with a gun that she’s not afraid to use. She helps boost up Helen’s self-esteem and supports her like a guardian and makes us LOL throughout…

Helen finds true love that she has never experienced in her 18 years of marriage from Orlando (Shemar Moore), a handsome young man who falls for her.

Diary of a mad black woman movie will bring out a mixture of laughter, tears and joy in your heart when you watch it. It is such an uplifting movie to watch, especially for women who’re experiencing troubles in their marriage life.