How long has it been since you broke up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Was it actually a proper breakup?

Some couples say they broke up, cry their eyes out and change their relationship status on Facebook and so on and then a week later, update their status back to ‘in a relationship’ with their “ex” again. Is yours one of those breakups?

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Let me tell you this, if you break up with someone and then get back with them anytime within a month, that is called taking a break from the relationship, seriously! So cut out the emotions and put all your sentiments to the side for a moment and think, was it actually a serious breakup where you guys felt like it’s completely over?


Now, if yours is not one of those serious breakups where two people stop or limit contact with each other and move on with their lives, you’re probably going to get back with your ex no matter who says what.

It is a serious damn breakup! It’s been over 2 or more months since we broke up. Now what?

Were you still keeping in touch with your ex or being friends with him or her during your breakup? If yes, my question now  is, why would you do that?

Were you keeping in touch with your ex because you still have feeling for him or her?

How often do you talk to your ex or make effort to see him or her?

If your heart really wanted to move on from your ex, you wouldn’t even be searching on Google if you should get back with him or her. You’ve got to ask yourself the above questions to see why you feel the way you do about your ex.

Just because you feel like you miss your ex doesn’t mean you should try to get back. Think for a moment why you guys broke up.

Was the trust in the relationship broken? Was it ever there?

If the relationship trust was broken, 9/10 times it probably will not build back up again no matter how hard you try and without trust, there is no love.

If there was any kind of betrayal involved in your relationship, think about whose fault it is. If it’s your fault, do you think your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will ever forgive you whole heartedly? If it’s your ex who betrayed you, will you be able to completely forgive him or her?

If your answer to the questions above are ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘I will try’, you should just forget about getting back with your ex and move on. It will hurt but once you get over it, it’s over and you don’t have to keep dwelling in the past.

But we broke up because of some minor issue..

If you broke up with your ex for some minor issues like jealousy or not picking up the phone call, you can totally try to get back depending on how much you love him or her. But do think about the future too.

What have you decided?