NO 1: MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t be the easy to get chick!

Unless a guy is running after you for some short term fun, he will not be interested in finding a girlfriend who is easily impressed by any guy. Be nice but don’t make it obvious that you like his attention. Ignore his hints and act like you’re not interested in his flirty comments until you’ve known him for some time.

A sweet smile and eye contact here and there can go a long way to keep him tied on you.

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NO 2: Avoid bitching about other girls, no matter who they are.

Don’t be the ordinary girl who loves gossiping about her own girlfriends and has a fit with every other girl on the planet. Show him that you don’t have time for drama and gossip.

NO 3: Avoid walking around with brown neck, white face and a bird’s nest on your head.

You can argue all you want that you wear makeup and do those beehive hairstyles to feel better about yourself reh reh but guess what? Your face will look 100 times better with just some eyeliner and lipstick or lipgloss! Unless you’re dressing up for special day outs or events, chill on the foundation and beehive hairstyles. Most guys hate caked makeup and beehive hairstyles.

Did you know that if you apply foundation or concealer on your face correctly, no one should be able to tell that you’re wearing it because it’s supposed to blend in with your natural skin tone and look natural?

Your man will appreciate you with all his heart if you can avoid wearing caked makeups.

NO 4: Don’t be a drama queen.

Say good bye to the high school drama and start acting mature (if you’re not already). Yes some guys are attracted to a girl playing with her hair or still sucking on her thumb when she goes to sleep but, don’t do it for the sake of attention seeking. Be YOU! Be playful, funny and all that but just don’t do things to blatantly ask for attention.

One thing most guys find annoying is when a girl sees one of her mates in public and starts screaming like a clown. You haven’t seen your friend for one month, yeah he gets it that you missed her but come on, don’t overreact in public.

NO 5: Don’t be curious about other girls he talks to.

If he is into you, he is going to make sure he is not playing around with other ladies on the side so you don’t have to worry about that. The girls that he talks to are probably just his friends so don’t annoy him about them.

If you catch him flirting with other girls, he probably doesn’t see you any different than them in which case you’ve got to be careful and walk away if you know for sure he is not a one woman guy.

You’ve got to let the guy relax and enjoy his freedom or else he will soon lose interest in you.


NO 6: Don’t allow him to get the ‘Gold Digger’ impression.

Don’t ever allow him to get the impression of you as a gold digger. Pay for him and yourself whenever you can so he knows you’re not after him for money. Let him know that you will never rely on a guy to pay for your needs.

Whether you’re rich or poor, it doesn’t matter, just don’t come across to him as if you’re trying to use him and the guy will for sure be interested to know you more.

A lot of guys always assume that all girls are gold diggers. Show him you’re not one of them.

NO 7: Be bold and open about your past.

If you want this guy to be interested in you because you want a relationship with him, you’ve to be open and honest about your past. You don’t need to tell him everything but don’t hide things you know he should be aware of.

NO 8: Be kind and respectful to others.

Any guy who wants a serious relationship with a girl will look far beyond her appearance to decide if she is the one. How you treat other people around you will let him know what kind of a person you are. Make sure he gets a good impression.

NO 9: Show him you have ambitions and dreams.

Let him know about your goals and dreams. Show him you’re working towards them. Guys are attracted to girls who are ambitious and determined to achieve something.

NO 10: Don’t think twice to admit when you’re wrong.

Be humble and apologize when you’re wrong.

Share your own tips. What do you to keep your man interested?