Ah that creepy thought that pops into your mind when you’re about to block someone on Facebook, will they know?

You can rest assured whoever you’re blocking will not get a notification of any sort informing them about it.

However, they can find out!

If he or she on your blocked list was someone who never missed a single Facebook activity of yours on their news feed and suddenly there is no sign of you for over a week or more, it’s going to hint them two things:

  1. You deleted your Facebook
  2. You blocked them


If they assume there is no reason why you would delete your Facebook account and depending on how attached this person was to your Fb activities, he or she can do the following to find out if you’ve blocked them:

  1. Visit your profile from someone else’s account and type up your name on the search bar to see if your account is still active.
  2. If your privacy settings only allow friends to search your name on search bar, this person can visit another person’s profile that has you and look up your name on their friends list.
  3. In rare cases: Another odd way they can find out is if a tagged picture of yours (if you two have mutual friends) appears on their news feed and your Facebook name is not clickable. Even worse is when (if) you happen to have a conversation on that photo but all they can see is the other person’s replies to you.

It all depends on how desperate they are to find out what happened to your Facebook.

Creepy isn’t it?