NO 1: No money in his pocket: He is not financially ready to start a family of his own.  He probably doesn’t even have enough to buy a decent ring, yet. If you’ve been dropping hints to him about what kind of rings you like and how much your best friend’s man spent on her ring, you’re probably pushing your own proposal further away.

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NO 2: Ambitions/Career: Your boyfriend is an ambitious guy who doesn’t want to think about anything serious until he achieves his life goals. If this is the case, your best bet is to hope that he achieves his dreams soon and help him with his progress.

NO 3:  Fear of losing freedom: He might be afraid of losing his freedom to be himself after getting married. Are you letting him be free to do the things he enjoys or nagging him 24/7?

NO 4: Fear of upsetting parents: Your boyfriend doesn’t want to spoil the good relationship he has with his mom and dad by telling them about his love, yet. Depending on how much he loves you, there is a good chance he is waiting for the right opportunity to talk to his parents about marrying you.

NO 5: Having kids? No way!: Your boyfriend, for whatever reason, is terrified of the thought of having his own kids and feels getting married might leave him under the pressure to become a dad when he is not ready.


NO 6: Bad marriage influences: He is sick and tired of hearing about his friend’s messed up marriage or about his own parents’ marriage troubles and wants to stay out of that subject until he’s mentally prepared. He might feel you guys are better off the way you are and things will get messed up if you get married.

NO 7: Religious troubles: If he is serious about whatever faith he belongs to and you don’t share the same faith, there is a good chance he is confused and not sure if he should accept you as his wife. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you but what it means is he loves his religion more.

NO 8: Fear of rejection: Even the bravest dudes get panicky when it comes to the ring matter. He could just be a little nervous inside of being rejected by you for whatever reason.

NO 9: He doesn’t think you’re ready: He’s waiting for you to fix up your career or he might just be waiting to see if you’re also mentally prepared to start a married life.

NO 10: He doesn’t think you’re the one, yet!: He wants to take things slow, get to know you more and wait for some time until his heart tells him you’re the one.

Which one do you think it is?