One of the most annoying and painful thing in the world is when you like someone and you have no idea if this person likes you back or not because he or she is sending you mixed signals. This  post is for the confused guys who’re not sure if a girl likes them or if she’s simply playing around. Do each of these things on the list below to find out if she’s leading you on or not.

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NO 1- Give her attention: Compliment her when she looks nice and talk to her nicely whenever you see her. Pour your attention to her in a way that blatantly hints to her you have feelings for her. Watch how she reacts to it. Is she enjoying the attention?

NO 2- See her reaction to your hints: Talk to her about relationship and love whenever possible and see how she reacts. Does she sound like a serious relationship type of lady? Does she sound like she’s looking for a relationship with anyone?


NO 3- Starve her from attention for a week: Girls love attention and if she is leading you on, she will miss all the attention you gave her every day. Don’t talk to her anywhere, don’t like her Facebook stuff and just don’t talk to her for a week. She will figure out an excuse to contact you somehow.

NO 4- Tell her you like her: Believe me, it will save you a whole load of confusion. Spend some time getting to know each other properly and then let her know you like her. You can tell her face to face or via social networks but tell her. How does she react? Did she reject you right away? Did she say she is not sure about it?

NO 5- Straight rejection and “not sure yet” are almost the same thing in many cases. Now if you’ve got a negative or an unexpected response from her, end the conversation in a friendly manner and just continue to be distant friends. If she asks why you don’t talk as much, tell her you’re doing that to avoid growing more feelings for her.

NO 6- Talk to other girls: Yeah, socialize with other girls when she is there and comment on other girls pictures on Facebook. If she says things like “oh you seem a bit busy commenting on girls pictures” or “oh don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’ve got other people to talk to” and anything else that shows jealousy, it means 2 things:

  1. She likes you
  2. She is leading you on

If she likes you, she would have told you when you told her or at least said something that gave you hope but If she gave a negative response when you told her you like her and now she’s getting jealous, she just doesn’t want to share your attention with other ladies.

Remember this, if a girl is leading you on, she will make sure she continues to get all your attention and prevent you from moving on with your life. She will flirt, spend time with you, talk to you on the phone but change the subject when it comes to you talking about taking your “friendship” to the next level.

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