Written by a contributor.

There are many spices needed for a beautiful and colorful relationship, one of the most important ingredient is communication.  There is a saying that “action speaks louder than words“, but in truth it is the words which makes the action more meaningful.  Some women take it for granted to use the power of communication and words to hold on to their man. But let us take note that men in general are also hopeless romantics just like women are, but not just as expressive as we are though.

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They love to be showered with little sweet nothings, this increases their feeling of being important to you, and feeling loved, and boosts their morale and ego too.  So remember if you want to have a colorful and lasting relationship, never take for granted to use the power of endearing words.

I love you. Three short, yet very powerful words. These are very important words in a relationship. Often times we forget to use these words, there is no right and specific time that you are required to say it to your man, but each instance you say or whisper it to his ear leaves an imprint on his mind, a mark that he is valuable to you.

So say it to him as often as you can, as lavish as you can, depending on your style. You can make variations too, you can write it down on a piece of scratch paper and pass it on to him while with friends, you may whisper it on his ear, you may send a text message at any time of the day without any reason at all, or you may say it to him each time he wakes up or before you sleep.

Please remember that these words should not be reserved for special occasions only. Don’t ever let a day pass by, without saying these three magic words to your boyfriend.

Aside from these three important words there are still a lot of things you can at say to your boyfriend which will tickle his mind, his feelings and   make him love you more at the same time making your relationship more colorful.

  1. You are so sexy.
  2. I love your eyelashes. I wish mine were that long, seriously!
  3. I love your dreamy looking eyes.
  4. Your lips look so yummy.
  5. You got such wonderful abs, amazingly perfect too.
  6. That shirt looks good on you.
  7. Just where had you been, I have wasted so many good years waiting for you to come into my life.
  8. Have you had your breakfast/lunch/dinner? Please eat on time baby.
  9. You are such a great cook.
  10. Look at that hair, all roughed up and yet so sexy.
  11. You smell so nicely, your scent lingers on my mind all day long, it keeps me thinking of you all day through.
  12. That is very sweet of you, did you know that you are the sweetest guy on this planet.
  13. You are the greatest looking man I have ever met in my lifetime.
  14. You are so thoughtful, thank you for taking care of those little things for me.
  15. Look at you, you are so strong, I never thought those arms can lift me easily.
  16. You have a very big heart, always ready to help when needed.
  17. Your teeth are so perfect and sparkling.
  18. I love to see you play with the little children, you melt my heart.
  19. You weave words like magic and you leave me with a light hearted feeling.
  20. That beautiful smile of yours completes my day.
  21. You are so mysterious I want to unravel that mystery in you.
  22. Keep that smile on your face it makes you look like the Paul Walker of my life.
  23. You are so funny you bring sunshine and laughter in my life.
  24. I really love watching you do those crazy stuff, makes me rumble and tumble in laughter.
  25. You are the greatest surprise in my life I never thought I could love this way again.
  26. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.
  27. Thank you for making me feel special.
  28. Thank you for making me live again.
  29. Thank you for making me smile.
  30. Thank you for lifting me up whenever I am down.
  31. Thank you for your love.
  32. Thank you for bringing me sweet moments in my life.
  33. Thank you for the gift of love and friendship.
  34. Thank you for taking care of me.
  35. Thank you for being the source of my strength.
  36. Thank you for bringing me to places I have never been.
  37. Thank you for bringing me to paradise.
  38. Thank you for being my hero.
  39. Thank you for being the sunshine of my life.
  40. Thank you for coming into my life.
  41. Thank you for showing me the colors of life.
  42. Thank you for making me feel strong whenever I am with you.
  43. Thank you for giving me a shoulder to lean on.
  44. Thank you for showing me the way each time I am lost.
  45. Thank you for teaching me how to smell the flowers again.
  46. Thank you for making me feel special.
  47. Thank you for showing me the meaning of life.
  48. Thank you for teaching me to be crazy and enjoy life the way I should.
  49. Thank you for sharing your life with me.
  50. I love waking up each morning with your warm breath on my neck.
  51. It is pure heaven each time you hold me in your arms to comfort me, you remove all my worries away.
  52. My only wish in life is to grow old with you and spend the rest of my life loving you.
  53. You are the best thing that ever happened to my life.
  54. I will never trade you for anything in this world, you are my life you are my world.
  55. I never thought I would spend a happy moment like this with you holding me in your arms and enveloping me with your warmth.
  56. The memories we create together will always be kept and treasured in my heart forever.
  57. Loving you is the greatest thing I have ever done in my lifetime.
  58. Every moment I spend with you brings me an experience not worth trading for anything in this world.
  59. Loving you has made my life so beautiful, that loving you has turned an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.
  60. You are the fulfillment of all my dreams, the man who will love and take care of me forever, the man who will always sit down with me and hold my hand till the rest of my life.
  61. Thank you for wiping away all my tears with your kisses, nobody has made me more special than you.
  62. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to at the end of each day, someone to go home to and spend the rest of the evening lazily together.
  63. I have been thinking of spending the rest of my days with you basking on the warmth of your love.
  64. I have never known the real meaning of love until I met you. You showed me how to love with a love so deep that I almost always get drowned by it.
  65. Each day and each moment i spend with you, is a day in springtime, with all of the colors in the rainbow and the flowers of spring surrounding me and leaving me breathless.
  66. You always take my breath away, each time I see you becomes a magical moment in my lifetime.
  67. Let us spend the rest of our lives together, in our own crazy way, let us build our own castles, away from everyone in our own crazy world.
  68. My friends are turning green with envy each time they see us together sharing the kind of love we give to each other, not minding the people around us, just lovingly looking at each other.
  69. My love I would love to sleep in your chest listening to the beat of your heart.
  70. I love each moment with you on the beach, as we sit beside each other watching the sunset, and the dimming lights of the sky, not saying anything, just listening to the sound of the waves and our breathing.
  71. Thank you for teaching me how to love again, giving me back the feeling I thought I have forgotten and lost all these years.
  72. I love you with all my heart no words can express how much love I have for you.
  73. Thank you for putting up with my moods same way that I put up with yours.
  74. You are my friend, my brother, my father, and my cute baby rolled into one and I couldn’t ask for more.
  75. I always love to listen to the crackling sound of your laughter, it exalts me to heaven.
  76. I love to remember the lazy times we spend with each other, playing games, eating popcorn, watching movies, giving hugs and kisses to each other in the least expected times.
  77. I miss you, my days and nights will never be the same without you. Please come home as fast as you can.
  78. What kind of a fool would I be if I let you go?
  79. I simply love it when you suddenly pop around while I am cooking and surprise me with a big kiss and a tight hug.
  80. I love to run my fingers in your hair as you fall asleep in my lap, bringing you a secure sleep soon followed by your noisy snores, unbelievable, but I love that moment boy.
  81. Thank you for sending me flowers without any occasion, just simply sending it to me to let me know that I am thought of all the time.
  82. Please don’t ever leave me, life will never be the same without you by my side, you, are my life, you are my joy, you are my everything.
  83. You will be the teddy bear I will hug each night I go to sleep.
  84. I found myself in you.
  85. Let us go to the beach, walk barefoot in the sand and feel it on our feet, let us wade in the water , and spend time just playing around with each other, sit down by the beach, enjoy the salty scent of the air and hear the sounds of the waves and the breeze.
  86. I love watching you get out of the bathroom and watch you as you get dressed for work.
  87. I would love to take that journey with you where we can dance the dance of life together and forever.
  88. I love our silly stories of how stupid some of our friends are, and how silly some of my friends can be, the small talks that we have gives us a bond only both of us share with each other.
  89. I love it when you are just there beside me watching your favorite basketball game, and me playing on my favorite internet game, both of us enjoying our own passions and yet being beside each other.
  90. Your free spirit encouraged me to become a free spirited person as well, being me and never pretending at all.
  91. I love the childishness in you which also brings out the childishness in me, giving us many playful moments together.
  92. Thank you for being so brave and so bold when it comes to standing up for me. You are like a super hero defending me.
  93. You magically brought out the real me when you showered me with your love.  When I use to see no colors in the sky, now I see rainbow since you started to make me feel loved.
  94. The warmth of your love gave me confidence to face the world and play with the game called life.  I always feel so secured in the comfort of your love.
  95. Thank you for making me feel like I look like a princess even if I don’t. Now apart from being my prince you will always be my knight in shining armor.
  96. The sound of your voice sends a special note to my ear, its like music being brought to my silent life.
  97. I love the special language only both of us can understand, the silent looks with silent meanings, the special touch which conveys a special meaning for both of us makes our relationship so special.
  98. I am so proud of you, I want to flaunt you to the whole world and show the world how much we love each other.
  99. You brought light into my life, illuminating the darkest part of my soul and showing me the beauty of life and what is there to look forward to each day of my life.
  100. The soft touch of your skin in my skin sends tingling sensors to my whole body that I want to get close to you and hold you tight each time we see each other.
  101. You bring out the best in me, your touch, your smile, the sound of your voice, your laughter, brings me to a period of being in dazed, makes me feel like I am always in a dreamy state when I am with you.

Little sweet nothings but when said or whispered to your boyfriend’s ear would make him feel great and would make him love you more.  It would always tickle his mind to think that his special girl always thinks of him in a very special way.

Now your turn! What sweet things do you say to make your boyfriend smile?