Once a woman decides to marry a man, she would usually do everything in her power to impress him, not only with her outer beauty, but also with her charming inner beauty. There’s a good chance you’re one of them too.

If you’re already married and are looking for ways to be a great wife for your husband, you my dear are also on the very right track. Just keep on reading.

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I just want to make one thing clear before we get started. There really is no such thing as a ‘Perfect wife’ okay. Even some of the greatest women in history have had their flaws when it came to their marriage lives.

The first important thing that makes you a good wife is the fact you’re continuously searching for ways to be one. Hold for a second and smile. You’re trying your best already and you’re trying to do the right things for you and your husband.

NO 1: YOU are his soul mate. Remember that.

You’re supposed to be his other half. Who would make a better friend for him than YOU? Work your way to become that one person your husband will not think twice to share about anything with. Whether it be about his bad day at work or about a happy moment he shared outside with another friend, YOU be that person your husband would love to talk about anything and everything with.

Building a good friendship with your husband is the first best thing you can do to improve your marriage life. Just imagine how wonderful it would make him feel to come home every day knowing his best friend is his wife.

I’m not trying to say all guys should only see their wives as best friends or anything like that. My point simply is that becoming a good friend to your husband can improve your marriage life in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.

NO 2: Pay attention to his intimate needs.

Let’s be a bit realistic about it. Physical intimacy DOES play a huge role in every 9/10 happy marriage lives. Satisfying his hormones will indeed keep him happy both physically and emotionally. It also reduces chances of him seeking attention elsewhere.

WAIT. I’m NOT saying you have to be ready to please him 24/7 and whenever the hell he wants it. If at times you can’t compromise with his intimate needs for whatever reason, he is supposed to understand you and still shower you with love because, after all, he is also supposed to be your soul mate.

However, you have to try not to be the one who pulls the plug all the time just because you’re bored of it or can’t be asked anymore. Unless you have a valid reason, do always try your best to keep your physical intimacy alive with your husband.

NO 3: Pamper yourself for him whenever you get the chance to.

One huge mistake some married women (and men) make is, after becoming comfortable with their spouse, they often start forgetting (or ignoring) to take care of their physical appearance. Your husband would sure love you even if you put on some extra pounds or happen to wake up with a couple of grey hairs peeking out from your head.

He is going to and supposed to love you truly regardless of how you look or smell after marriage. That’s not my point here. My point is, no matter how old you are, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from trying to look good for your husband.

We all have days when we’re too busy with other things and looking good is the last thing on our minds. However, try not to make that a permanent habit. Every little thing you do to make yourself look good for your husband will make him happy. How often you make that effort is your choice but, what matters is that you DO make some effort from time to time.

NO 4: Respect him.

Sounds simple but not always an easy one to keep up with.

Respect him at all times. Try your best not to use offensive languages to insult him or swear at him when you’re angry. This doesn’t make you his slave or as someone who is submissive, but only good mature wife who knows how to treat her husband with respect at all times.

I don’t want to sound biased here. Yes, sometimes we all get out of control when our emotions take over and end up saying or doing things that we won’t even think about at other times. We women, have our weaknesses too just as much as men do.

Learning how to keep your emotions under control, especially when you’re angry, can really make a huge difference. Or at least be quick to say sorry and make up without thinking twice.

No matter what you do, always try your best not to disrespect him in any way in front of other people as that can seriously damage his self-esteem.

9 Tips On How to Be a Good Wife to Your Husband

NO 5: Is he still your main priority?

Many women forget to show love and attention to their husbands’ needs after having children. That’s not right. Of course you can love your kids so much like they mean your world and so on, but, you need to remember your husband also deserves equal or more love from you.

Try not to allow the responsibilities of raising your children to get in the way of spending quality times with your husband. Learning to balance the time you spend raising your children and the time you spend to shower your husband with love is another beauty of a healthy marriage.

NO 6: Keep your possessiveness under control.

You cannot and should not expect him to give you his undivided attention at all times. There are moments for you and there are times he needs to spend with his family and friends, too.

So respect his needs and give him all the freedom he needs to spend time with his other loved ones.

NO 7: Learn to appreciate him.

Be thankful and show him how much you appreciate every little one of his efforts to please you. Whether it’s through his helping hand in washing the dishes for you or about the beautiful necklace he bought for your birthday, don’t forget to show him how much you appreciate his efforts.

Husbands love it when their wives appreciate and compliment them on the things they did for them. Making him feel appreciated will make him do more for you. So it’s a win-win for both.

NO 8: Leave nagging to the ordinary wives. YOU are better than that.

Marriage life can be complicated at times, and you cannot expect you or your husband to be in a happy lovey-dovey mood 24/7. It takes maturity and level-headedness to accept certain circumstances you can’t change in your life as a married couple.

In spite of this, you can help your husband to love you better if you learn to appreciate what you have rather than nagging about what you don’t. Don’t be jealous and envy what other women have. You will be happier and will be able to keep your husband happy if you don’t nag him constantly like many other ordinary wives.

NO 9: Be YOU and pay attention to your own needs too.

Finally, even as you strive to become a good wife to your husband, you should still maintain your own identity. Do not neglect your own growth as an individual just because you want to pour out all your energy into your husband and kids.

Don’t allow marriage life to make you neglect your own happiness. The things you enjoyed before getting married, do them now also, if at all possible. I know some things cannot be replaced but you should still try to make time for things like going out with your friends for a day out, shopping, pampering, to the gym and so on.

Feeding your body, mind and soul with the things that makes YOU happy will also help to keep your husband happy.

Tips from other wives:

Carro said in the comments section: “Talk about S**t”.

“Talk about your problems, talk about how he hurts you and how you hurt him.”

I agree with her. Lack of good communication can only make things worse, so being able to talk about your problems with each other is one of the greatest ways to keep any relationship alive and happy.

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