The simple and sure cure to fight temptation is true love and that is, to start loving your husband or wife the way you did when you exchanged your marriage vows or even before that.

There is no magical potion or meditations of any kind to fight cheating temptation because it’s a feeling from your heart. Even if it’s not something fascinating to hear about, it is the truth.

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Truly fall in love with your spouse once again (or for the first time if you never did) to resist falling for the other person.

It’s not completely unusual for married couples to start losing interest in each other as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean the “once upon a time” love is gone.

It’s there, hidden with lots of bitterness, anger, excuses and reasons as to why your husband or wife is not the same anymore.

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself the following questions and take a moment to think about the real answers from your heart.

  • What has my husband or wife done so wrong that makes me want to cheat and break his or her heart?
  • How would I feel if my husband or wife cheated on me?
  • What is the real intention of this person who wants to ruin my marriage life?
  • What about my children? What sort of a role model am I going to be for them if I cheat on their mom or dad for another person?
  • How will I or the children be able to cope with divorce if it happens?

Those questions should have knocked a little sense as to why the short time happiness of cheating can ruin your permanent joy.


Yeah, I get all that, but the temptation is too strong and It is not leaving me alone. What do I do now?

Tell the other person how much you love your husband or wife and how you’re not ready to lose the precious house you own for a short time luxury hotel stay. The man or woman your cheating your spouse with is the luxury hotel stay, it will be all fun while it lasts but can you carry on staying there forever? NO.

Remove this person from your life and have absolutely no contact with him or her, ever. Don’t try to fall for their or your own lies of being ‘just friends’ because that is NOT going to work out. Eventually the temptation will strike you and you will fall for it harder than you did the first time.

Block his or her number, delete from all your social networks and do whatever it takes to make sure you never hear from this person again.

Of course, it’s the last thing you would do when you’ve already found yourself attracted to that person, but believe me, if you do this right away, it will save you from a whole load of heartache, consequences, drama and karma later.

And when you’ve done that…

Congratulations! You’ve already kicked temptations butt.

Will it last though? Or will it strike you again?

This is when you need to read the first paragraph of this post again and put it into action.

Start loving your wife or husband truly again.

The next post will be on how to fall in love with your husband or wife, AGAIN.

In the meantime, share your feelings about the cheating temptations. How are you handling it?