NO 1- He knows A-Z of everything about you and doesn’t give a rats toe about your past:

Had 10 boyfriends in the past? Who cares! Been in the prison by any chance? That’s not his problem. Whatever nightmares you’ve been through until the second you met this guy, you don’t have to be afraid to tell him about it because he simply won’t care about your past.

He wants to be in your future, so he won’t give a toss about the disasters from your past. He will not judge you by your past.

NO 2: He makes you feel beautiful and unique.

There are millions of fish in the sea, but you are his Nemo. He makes you feel so beautiful and special. He gives you a self esteem boost on a regular basis and makes you feel unique.

NO 3: He doesn’t dare to even look at another female with lust in his heart.

Even if Miss Universe stands in front of him, he will only see you as the most beautiful girl in the planet. You might have pimples on your face or some extra pounds on your body, none of that will matter to him because he loves everything about you and that includes your flaws too.

NO 4: He never makes you feel alone when it comes to facing difficult circumstances.

His bank account might not be rich, but his heart is. Any time you find yourself stuck in a stressful situation, he will be there to comfort you in all the ways he could.

NO 5: He knows the fine balance between a little jealousy and behaving like a stupid Psycho.

A tiny dose of jealousy in a relationship is like adding salt to food. You add a little bit and it tastes yummy, but you won’t be able to eat the food if you add too much salt to it. If he shows jealousy of other guys in a playful way, once in a while, that is good. It means he loves you a lot, but if he gets jealous and starts a massive argument with you for the stupidest things ever, that’s just being a psycho not soul mate.

NO 6: He doesn’t take a revenge for stupid things.

Some examples of taking revenge for stupid things are:

  • You were busy with your family and couldn’t pick up his calls for some time, so he doesn’t pick up your calls or reply to your texts for half of the day to show you how he felt.
  • You were talking about going on a family vacation abroad or a vacation with your girls and straight away, he tells you he wants to go on a holiday with his friends too. He does this because he thinks other guys are going to check you out when you’re alone on the holiday and so you can feel the same way about him.

Whatever you say or do, he will use it against you and take revenge for the stupidest things ever.

NO 7: He never attempts to bring up your past.

Some guys say they accept you for who you are and tell you all kinds of stories and then when you have a major argument, BOOM! Suddenly this fake soul mate of yours starts rubbing your past in your face.


NO 8: He empowers you to follow your dreams.

No matter how impossible your dream may seem in other people’s eyes, if this man is your soul mate, he will never fail to empower you to pursue your dreams. He will support you and encourage you to succeed in all the ways he could.

NO 9: He respects and loves your family like his own.

He shows interest to get to know your family members and become a part of your family. He respects your parents and starts loving them like his own when he gets the chance to.

NO 10: He passes the TIME test.

If you find a guy who does all the listed things above and more, Congrats, you may have just found someone who has all the possibilities to be your future husband.

However, you need to be with this person for some time, at least a year or two to get to know his real characteristics. Some guys, when you see meet them, you only see the roses, but they’re hidden with thorns to rip you apart.

Only time can really tell how good of a match he is for you. Don’t exchange marriage vows with any man before he passes the time test. Sometimes even the time test can fail but it will help you make a better decision than choosing someone as your life partner simply because he had the signs on any dating article (like this one).

Does the man you think of as your Soul mate have these qualities?