Guys, before you get all excited and start reading this list, understand there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman looking for a man with decent financial stability. Practical thinking women often search for men who can at least afford to pay the bills and to provide for the family. Don’t assume she’s a gold digger just because she asked you about your job or salary. Read these and if she happens to be doing all of these things, all the time, then she might be a… yeah that.

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NO 1: So damn curious about your bank account.

If she’s a gold digger, she will always be curious about how much money you have in your bank account. She will probably know your spending and savings more accurately than you do. She would always be curious to know about all the different ways you make or have chances of making lots of money.

NO 2: Playing nice and sweet to know more…

about your financial status. Watch how she acts when you talk about anything related to your money and properties. Does she seem to get overly excited? Does she play extra nice after finding out about your income or after you shower her with expensive gifts?

NO 3: Taking her out to anywhere is like taking a child.

She will never bring cash or credit cards whenever she comes out with you. The only difference is children won’t have or need money or credit cards. Of course, gentlemen always offer to pay for the restaurant bills, but decent women would offer to pay at least once in a while. When was the last time she offered to pay for anything? Does she always shower you with sugar coated sentences to buy her things when you two are out?

NO 4: She’s always got a sudden financial crisis…

And no matter how many friends or families she has, apparently, no one will give her a dime in any of her difficult times and the only person she can ask help from is, you, all the time.

She would always play emotional dramas to make you give her money or pay for her things. She would make it out like no one else is there to help her. You know what’s even worse? Some smart gold diggers will not ask for financial help directly, but drop all the possible hints to make you pull out your wallet.


NO 5: She would always want to look high class.

Gold diggers always want to look rich so they can attract rich men. Check how desperate she is to buy expensive brand clothes and jewelries all the time, even when she complains about having financial difficulties.

NO 6: LIES about her status.

She would tell you so many lies about how she knows this person, that person and about how she used to drive this car that car, all to hint you she’s loaded. That’s rarely the case though.

Want to test? Tell her you’ve just been fired and have got into a lot of debt. Tell her all your properties will be taken away from you and how you’re about to be broke. Maintain this lie for at least a month to see her real self. If she’s a gold digger, she would probably wave goodbye to you within the next few days of you saying these things to her. They’ve become smarter though, so you have to sound REALLY believable.