NO 1: Troublesome timing

When you’re in a long distance relationship with someone from another country, the first annoying thing you’re likely to experience every day is the time difference issues. It’s worse if the time difference is more than 3 hours. Your sleep pattern can become so messed up that your friends and families might start calling you an owl.

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NO 2: Trust Issues…

The chances of having trust related arguments are higher for a long distance relationship. Unless your partner is a super honest person, you might never find out if he or she has ever cheated on you.

Your partner is also likely to get on your nerves and falsely accuse you of cheating for every stupid thing that happens in your life. For e.g., you came home late after going to a friend’s birthday party and slept because you were tired. Your partner might think you were hanging out with another guy and that’s why you didn’t have time for him.


NO 3: Hard to experience the love in real life.

Yes, you can see him or her on Skype, chat on Facebook or talk on the phone all day, but how long can you go without seeing each other in real life? If your partner lives abroad, you might only see this person once or twice a year, depending on when you both are free and how cheap the flight ticket is.

NO 4: Harder to calm down arguments.

Some arguments take forever to get sorted out through a Skype or phone conversation. You can’t surprise your partner with a cute teddy and a sorry card when he or she’s upset or make an attempt to see each other in person to talk things out.

NO 5: You miss out on the other aspects of your life…

The time difference and long distance either make you want to spend all your free time to chat with your partner or be stressed out about it even when you’re trying to chill with your friends or families.

You stress too much about trying to make this long distance relationship work that you end up paying hardly any attention to your social life, physical health and so on.

Can you relate to any of these reasons?