There’s nothing more annoying for guys in relationships than a super paranoid girlfriend. But why though? Why is she always paranoid about you cheating on her? Unless she’s always been a psycho like that, here are 5 reasons why she could be annoying you about cheating:

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NO 1: Bad flashback.

It could be something such as her dad cheating on her mom and vice versa or, her past boyfriend could have cheated on her. Find out if she’s had any of that happen to her because if that’s the case, she needs a bit of time to recover from her painful memories. You can help her by showing her you understand her feelings and you’re not going to put her through that pain.


NO 2: Her best friend’s boyfriend cheated and so…

Girls spend hours talking about their boyfriends and their relationship fuss with their girlies. They start off with all the happy lovey dovey stuff and eventually end up nit picking about all the bad things about their boyfriends. If her best friend happens to have had a cheating boyfriend, chances are, she’s going to constantly advise your girlfriend to stay alarmed about you cheating also.

Even if she knows how much you love her, she will not be able to reject her best friend’s advice when it comes to things like this.

NO 3: She doesn’t like the way you talk to your “sister from another mother”.

If she constantly catches you flirting with other girls, she has a valid reason to think you might cheat on her. And when she asks you about it, you stand there blabbering with more lies. Have you done that? Yeah? And you’re still curious about why she thinks you’re going to cheat?

NO 4: You suddenly get signal problems or the need to go pee when you need to answer the phone while you’re with your girlfriend.

Yeah even if you’re not cheating, if you keep walking away to talk in private every time you need to answer a call when your girl is there, you’re just giving her another valid reason to assume you’re cheating.

NO 5: You act like the world is going to end when she wants to use your phone for a second.

Unless you’re up to some dodgy business, why do you have to panic so much? She shouldn’t be spying on your phone but when she genuinely wants to use it and you freak out, it’s going to send her a wrong signal.

So what do you think is causing her to be paranoid about you cheating?