Let’s get this out of the way first. Getting married is like picking out a bunch of fresh roses from your garden. No matter how beautiful they look, they’re still going to come with their ugly and painful thorns. Husbands are pretty similar. They can be loving, faithful and all that, but they can also be a pain the A** many times. Except with the roses, you can easily chop off their thorns (*_*). If only you can do that with husbands…

So here are 10 obvious and some not so obvious signs your husband is one hell of a controlling donkey.

NO 1: You feel isolated from people who matter to you.

If your husband is a controlling man, there’s a good chance he’s always trying to keep you away from your loved ones. Your family and friends. He doesn’t like it when you spend time with them. He pretends to be cool with it but you can tell from his facial expressions and the way he speaks, he doesn’t want you to spend time with them.


He slyly decides who you should talk to and who not to. A controlling husband would come up with all kinds of silly reasons as to why you shouldn’t talk to someone who matters to you.

Think about the last time you were able to have a nice long conversation with one of your close friends or a family member.

NO 2: The only males in your life should be him, your dad, granddad and brothers (if any).

A controlling husband would make it out like it’s a sin to have casual conversations with another man who could be a colleague, friend or even a neighbor. Even though you know in your heart you’re not doing anything wrong, he tries his best to make it out like you are.

Like hello… when you exchanged those marriage vows, you didn’t also sign up to be caged for life.

Some of them will go to the extremes of not allowing their wives to talk to their male cousins. Like really? And don’t be surprised when you’re reading this but there are also some who won’t even allow their wives to make eye contact with other men in a casual way. Yup. Just take a deep breath and let that sink in. Hopefully you’re not going through this kind of BS.