Don’t beat yourself up if you keep having doubts about your boyfriend cheating. You never know, your instinct could be right, not that I want it to be right but just saying it could be.

Below are 10 signs that could hint your boyfriend is doing something fishy behind your back.

10 Signs your Boyfriend is Cheating behind your back

NO 1: Wanna look at his phone?

No. You’re about to end his world. At least that’s how your boyfriend reacts every time you ask to look at his phone. Unless you proper read through every single one of his text messages and annoy the hell out of him to look at his phone all the time, I can’t think of any other good reason as to why he needs to react like that.

NO 2: Phone rings and he walks away with it.

Every time that certain someone calls! Unless you two were sitting in a super loud environment, there’s no need to walk away with his phone like that. It’s quite rude actually. Watch his face and body language when that so and so calls him.

NO 3: According to others, especially the females he talks to, your boyfriend is still single.

This doesn’t apply to all guys but, you know, some of them never allow other girls to know they’re taken. Ask your boyfriend if his female friends know he has a girlfriend. If he constantly has a habit of covering up the fact he’s not single, you know what that hints.

NO 6: You’ve seen too many “I love you”, Xoxxx”, “Mwah”

And all those romantic emoticons on the messages from one or more of his so called female friends. Why on earth are you going to allow other girls to talk to you in such a way unless you got plans of cheating on your girlfriend? If he’s also talking to them in such manner, that is a form of cheating already.

NO 7: He always happens to “Bump” into that one girl you doubt he’s playing you with.

Whenever you two go out, somehow, she also happens to be present there. You’ve also caught them two talking in a flirty manner right in front of you. When and if you decide to ask him about it, he will be quick to shut you up saying they’re just friends and you’re being paranoid.

That, only you would know.

NO 8: The way he acts and talks to you has changed, a lot.

Some guys are not good actors when it comes to hiding their infidelity. Sometimes you can just look at their face expressions and tell something is not right.

Does your boyfriend still speak to you and treat you the same as before? Or has he been keeping distance lately? Not all guys who cheat keep distance with their girlfriends but some do.

NO 9: Throws random moodswings at you.

Some guys who’re cheating look for ways to avoid their girlfriends. Therefore, get angry for the most pointless reasons ever so he can just enjoy his freedom in peace.

NO 10: He’s been commenting/liking on this one girl’s Facebook profile a lot.

If your boyfriend was never really the type to comment and like other girls pictures on Facebook and, you see that happening a lot now out of nowhere, this could also be a sign he’s cheating.

Has your boyfriend been giving you these cheating signs? What else does he do that makes you doubt him?