Guys usually dislike or hate girls wearing makeup, because of the fear of running into a nightmare like the story below:

An Algerian man sued his wife for causing him emotional trauma, after seeing her without makeup.

He told the court she was wearing full face of makeup at all times before they got married and even on their wedding night, but, he got the shock of his life when he saw her after she washed her face in the morning.

Algerian man sues wife after removing makeup

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It is sad what he’d done to her. He could have left her without making her go viral all over the news websites, however, you can also understand how he must have felt when you look at the before and after pictures.

It’s literally like 2 different people. She also happens to look a lot older in the before photo. Now that is, outright deceiving.

Your boyfriend obviously knows you’re pretty with and without makeup (hopefully), but, he’s probably sick and tired of seeing girls wear full face makeup all the time.

Most guys have this mentality where they say, “I love my girlfriend the way she is, she is much better looking without makeup” and who knows, your boyfriend is probably that type too.

It’s either he thinks you’re pretty without makeup, or he is curious to see what you look like without makeup.

Why doesn’t my Boyfriend like me wearing Makeup?

What you can do:

If you happen to paint your face with foundation, concealer and contour etc every single day, you should try cutting down on that at least.

Leave your boyfriend out of this and think for a moment, full face of makeup worn every single day, can age you a lot faster than you can ever imagine. Not only that, if you happen to have pimples, you’re probably going to keep them forever.

So cut down or get rid of the foundation routine and stick with simple eyeliner, mascara and some lipstick.

Tell your boyfriend, you only wear a little bit of eyeliner and lipstick and he should be okay with that.

He needs to be okay with that, or else, he’s just being a selfish a**hole.

What are you planning to do about it?