Sample scenario: My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year and a half. She’s a nice person and I really love her. She loves me too, but, lately I’ve been getting the feeling that she wants to change me so much. She doesn’t want me to spend time with my friends. She doesn’t like it when I talk to my other female friends. She happens to have an issue with everything I do. What’s going on with her? Is she trying to change me?

Can you relate to the above scenario? Are you going through a similar situation where you feel like your girlfriend is trying to change you in every aspect?

Why does my Girlfriend want to Change Me?

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Let’s have a look at a few reasons why she could be doing this:

  1. She thinks you’re being unfair- Does your girlfriend have, or talk to as many guy “friends” as you do with your female friends? Have you restricted her from having friends who are males? If so, she could be feeling like she’s treated unfairly and doesn’t want you to have what she can’t have.
  1. She’s jealous- If this whole her wanting to change you has to do with you talking to other girls, the most obvious reason why she’s behaving like this is because she is jealous. She’s afraid of losing you to another girl. This is especially true if she’s noticed you getting really close with one particular female friend of yours.
  1. She feels neglected- Are you making sure to shower her with enough love like you did in the beginning of your relationship? Sometimes, the feeling of being neglected by the person she loves can grow bitter feelings inside her. Have you noticed her complain about how you’re not the old you? If yes, this is why, she’s also acting in strange ways.
  1. Advice from bad company- Some girls religiously follow the dating/love advice from their friends. Even if your girlfriend had no intention of wanting to change you, she could have heard bad advice and stories from her close friends that makes her want to control you.
  1. She initially thought you were going to change- Some girls get into serious relationships with false hopes of changing their boyfriend’s so and so habits. Your girlfriend was probably one of them too. Maybe she thought, whatever I don’t like about him now, can always be changed later on in the relationship.
  1. She’s a super controlling witch- Maybe that’s just the way she has always been and probably didn’t let you see her real self, until now. She probably played the innocent sweety character to make you fall for her before she can toss you around with her pinky finger.
  1. Runs in her blood- This links to point number 4. She could have been influenced by hearing stories and advice from her own mother, aunties and close relatives about how they treat their boyfriends.

So what exactly is your girlfriend trying to change about you?