So you’re in the situation where you often feel like your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous?

Why is she doing that when you love her so much? Why is she doing that when she loves you so much?

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Why is my Girlfriend Trying to Make me Jealous?

Here’s probably why:

  1. She doesn’t feel loved or valued by you- Are you still showering her with love and compliments like you did before you two got together? She doesn’t expect you to compliment her all the time or speak to her 24/7 of course, but if she has been feeling neglected by you, this is probably the main reason why your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous. She wants you to realize her value and know what you’re taking advantage of.
  2. Spoiled by her friends- Some girls fall prey for the extremely bad relationship advice from their girlfriends. One of, or all of your girlfriend’s close friends could have advised her to make you jealous from time to time, so you would always stay attracted to her. It’s a stupid advice of course, but you will be surprised to know how many girls religiously follow it.
  3. She’s just a pure attention seeker- Harsh truth. Your girlfriend could be a pure attention seeker, who simply, loves attention from all guys. Only you would know though. Has she always been like this or did she suddenly start acting up this way?
  4. She wants you to WANT her more- This links back to reason 1 and 2. Your girlfriend could be trying to make you jealous so you would want her more than ever.
  5. Revenge- Have you by any chance made her jealous without even realizing it?

Why do you think your girlfriend is acting up this way?