Want an Annoying Girlfriend Award? Do these things!

Let’s make one point clear before we get started. You should NOT be doing these things to your boyfriend unless you want him to become your EX-boyfriend. These are pure sarcastic advice on things good girlfriends should avoid.

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If you happen to be doing any or most of these things to your boyfriend and he’s still saying ‘I love you baby’, it means 2 things:

  1. He loves you: Yup, the guy loves you so much so he decides to tolerate your crap simply because he doesn’t want to lose you.
  2. He’s waiting for the right opportunity, to breakup!Read through and fix yourself if you see him in your future.

It’s fun being an annoying girlfriend..

10 Things you can do to be the Most Annoying Girlfriend in the World!

Best Wishes.

NO 1: Invade his Facebook privacy.

Yeah how dare he keep his female cousins, class mates and colleagues on his Facebook right? Oh my gosh, do they look attractive as well? Oh no, they must be deleted and blocked for good. Did he give you his Facebook password? Make sure you cry your eyes out until he gives it.

Hold on, do the girls on his Fb know how much he loves you? Why not let them know? Just log in to his account and update a status like this:

“His wifey was here. I love you boo blah blah” That should sure keep them away from his inbox right.

NO 2: Invade his Phone privacy.

What he didn’t or refuses to give you his phone password? Na na, this is not a good sign. He must sure be cheating or hiding something from you. Ask him to give you his password and do not stop until he gives it.

NO 3: Invade his Whatsapp messenger.

Girls on his whatsapp? Delete them if they look attractive. He loves you so he won’t mind at all.

NO 4: Swim your face into foundation, concealer etc and ask him how you look.

Did he say you look beautiful? He better have because he is supposed to love you just the way you look.

NO 5: Why is he spending time with his boys?

Who does he love the most? You or his friends? Ask him to decide.

NO 6: Show him a recent picture of his ex and ask him how she looks.

He better say she looks like the ugliest creature on earth.

NO 7: It’s been 2 minutes since he finished work, why hasn’t he called yet?

Seriously what on earth should be more important than calling you and letting you know he just finished work?

NO 8: Ask him what he thinks about your girlfriend. Does he think she is cool or pretty?

Now argue with him about why he has been checking her out.

NO 9: It has been 10 minutes since he last texted you and he still hasn’t texted again?

His love for you must be going down. Annoy him until he gives a valid reason for why he didn’t text yet.

NO 10: At least once a month, ask him if he is hiding anything from you..

It’s reverse psychology. It will freak him out to remember all the things he might have forgotten to tell you.

Girls, where do you stand here? And guys, does your girlfriend fit in here?