Does it feel like a day full of rainbows and sunshine, whenever your boyfriend says something sweet to you? Does it feel amazing even when he just says “I love you baby” or something like that?

Does it feel like it’s you, who’s always the first one to express feelings and show affection in your relationship?

You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, at least once. It’s a super annoying feeling when your boyfriend would only be sweet and romantic whenever he’s in the mood right?

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But the crazy thing is, he LOVES you, or at least claims to be truly in love with you. He does treat you like he loves you, most of the times, but he just won’t be as affectionate as you want him to be right?

Why doesn’t my Boyfriend express his Feelings & Affection?

Why would he do that? Why would your boyfriend not express his feelings and affection to you as often as you’d love him to?

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why that might be:

  1. His man pride is bigger than his love for you – Sadly, some guys have this weird mentality that makes them believe, they’re only stronger in the relationship as long as they don’t get too attached to their girlfriends. This could be caused by the million stories they read and hear about how some girls treat their boyfriends and so on.
  1. He’s never been the “expressive” type – Maybe, your boyfriend was never the type of person who expressed his feelings and affection to his loved ones. It’s probably how he’s been all his life and he doesn’t think of it as something wrong.
  1. He feels actions speak louder than words – Does he treat you right in every other aspect of your relationship? Does he look out for you when you’re in trouble? Does he show you kindness when you’re feeling sad? Does he support you in your other aspects of life? If yes, this is how your boyfriend prefers to be. He probably feels like he doesn’t have to say “I love you” or “I miss you” numerous times in a day to prove his love to you.
  1. He’s haunted by his past – Perhaps, your boyfriend might have gone through something terrible like child abuse when he was young? Or he could have been the witness of watching his mother get abused by his dad or her boyfriend? Or who knows, he could have been hurt so bad by his ex-girlfriend(s). Whatever it might be, something dramatic could have happened in his life that made him become an emotionless person.
  1. He’s an attention enjoying A**hole – Sometimes, just sometimes, this could be the simple truth. Maybe your boyfriend really doesn’t love you. You can be a better judge of that depending on how he treats you on a daily basis. Maybe your boyfriend just wants to enjoy all the attention you give him, without returning any back. Yes, such species do exist.

If your boyfriend happens to fit into reasons 1, 2, 3 or 4, you have a good chance of changing him to become more expressive as you guys grow stronger in your relationship. Some guys do mature and change for the better when they truly realize how much their girlfriend loves them.

If he fits into reason 5, you my dear, are wasting time with the wrong XY Chromosome.

So where do you think your boyfriend fits here?

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