This is the third post of the series, Our Year Before Marriage. With last week’s post being an introduction on each other, this week Crystal and I will give a quick update on our thoughts about this last week.

Thoughts From Crystal

Written by Crystal

Fifty weeks until the big day, the countdown starts now!! This week was another great week for Justin and me. This whole long distance relationship thing is getting old, but soon enough it will come to an end. All great things are worth waiting for, right? I suppose a countdown of the days before I move to Chicago with him versus our wedding is a more appropriate countdown at this time. I cannot wait for that day, but first I need to graduate!

In my first post I think I failed to mention that Justin had moved to Chicago last June 2015 while I started my accelerated nursing program at Bellin College in Green Bay also in June of 2015. For the past 15 months we have been driving back and forth from Chicago every weekend to see each other – that’s some crazy dedication if I do say so myself. Recently, Justin has been making the drive much more frequently than I, but that’s because I have clinical on weekends and all our family and friends live in the Green Bay – Door County area. This weekend I was excited to get out of Green Bay and make the trip to Chicago because it’s been awhile.

Our Weekend Together

Although the weekend consisted of me sitting on the couch staring at my computer as I worked through my endless pile of homework and studying, Chicago is finally starting to feel like home. When I made my first visit to Chicago, just over a year ago, I literally cried because the city was simply too much for me. Never in a million years had I dreamed of moving to a big city, but when you’re in a serious relationship sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

A year later I am finally familiar with the suburb we live in, Wicker Park, and beginning to love the city. Again, this weekend wasn’t very eventful; however, it was a relaxing and sweet get-away from my extremely busy schedule in Green Bay. Each time I come to Chicago I learn to love it more and more because there is always something to do and something new to experience.

Kickoff to Fall, Football and Love

Game Day

Sunday game day Justin and I ventured out to Will’s, a Packer bar in Lakeview, Chicago. Because “Da Bears” played the same time as the Packers, we did not get the game at our house so we had to go somewhere if we wanted to watch. I was impressed at how packed this bar was of Green and Gold for the game. Packer fans are awesome! Justin and I showed up an hour and a half before the game and still didn’t have a place to sit! It was wonderful to meet new people and share our love for the Packers with a bunch of Chicago locals; it felt as if we were right in our hometown of Green Bay.

The drinks and service were great at Will’s and we were having a ton of fun until about half time when I started to feel a little claustrophobic. Normally busy places don’t bother me, but I think a couple of hours of standing in an extremely crowded area and having every person tower over me (I’m short – 5’2”) just started to get to me. I felt bad for asking Justin to leave the game early, but I was not feeling good. Justin completely understood, didn’t try to convince me to stay nor did he get angry with me that we were leaving, he simply understood.

After we got home our puppy was excited to see us and we just lounged around on the couch, watched more football, took a nap, ate food that was terrible for us, wrote this blog, and continued with homework.

Again, this weekend wasn’t eventful but it was my perfect kind of weekend. Finding someone that you can go out and have fun with as well as be completely content staying in both Friday and Saturday night (like this weekend) is just one of the many reasons I love Justin!

Kicking Things Off

Written by Justin

This past week wasn’t any different than most with the exception of Crystal coming down to Chicago this weekend instead of me heading back to Green Bay. It feels like the last five or six weeks I’ve had to travel back for a family event or one of the ten eleven weddings we have this summer.

Our weekend was spent getting things done around the house and her studying for a couple of exams she has coming up. She is in week four of her last session of school and the two of us couldn’t be anymore excited. Once she finishes school and takes her NCLEX exam, for her nursing licensure, she will officially move down to Chicago and begin applying for jobs.

Our relationship has grown and strengthened quite a bit in the last few months. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are in a long distance relationship right now. We don’t take our time for granted and when we get upset with the other person we work to quickly communicate and resolve our issues. This has helped our relationship become stronger and we are hoping it helps us with the next step of our relationship when she moves in with me.

Go Pack Go!

Celebrating the Packers Game!On Sunday we finished the weekend off with the start of the NFL season. Being that Crystal and I are both from the Green Bay area, we bleed green and gold for the Packers. This is the first year Crystal has decided to participate in fantasy football and I am helping her with her team. Doing this together is another way for her and I to participate in something together and share common interests.

We watched the game at a bar dedicated to Green Bay Packers fans in Chicago called Will’s Northwoods Inn. We checked and set our lineups, had some delicious comfort food from home, met new people and had a blast on another adventure in Chicago for the two of us.

How Do You Spend Time Together?

We love spending time with each other and it is always a priority for the two of us. How do you spend time with your significant other to help strengthen your relationship?