This is the fourth post of the series, Our Year Before Marriage. In this post I, Justin, will give an update on the past week and my thoughts on my relationship with Crystal. I am sorry this post is a little late. I was enjoying a Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers game Sunday and late at night we were watching the Green Bay Packers take on the Minnesota Vikings… Go Pack Go!

This week and weekend were absolutely crazy and unfortunately left Crystal and I with little time spent together. It’s ironic that this is our fourth week of this series and it is also her fourth week of her last school session.

Last Session of School

The end is near for Crystal as she finishes up her schooling for her nursing degree. But the challenge ahead to get to that finish couldn’t be tougher. I couldn’t be any prouder of her and how hard she has to work everyday to accomplish her goal of becoming a nurse.

As mentioned before, Crystal is currently in an accelerated nursing program to obtain her BSN. The program is 15 months long and consumers majority of her week with lectures, exams, studying and clinical sessions. All leading up to her graduation and preparation for taking the NCLEX exam to become a certified nurse.

It was extremely tough for her this weekend because we had our best friends in Chicago visiting us for the weekend. Unfortunately, Crystal had to miss the Brewers vs. Cubs game on Sunday that we attended.

The Fourth Week with a Fourth of the Time

Wrigley Field

The game was unbelievable and it was the first time I had been to the legendary Wrigley Field. For those who don’t know, Wrigley Field is the home stadium to the Chicago Cubs and is over a 100 years old.

But I wasn’t able to share that memory with Crystal. The two of us talk about trying to spend our “firsts” in Chicago together and this was a moment that we couldn’t. I think it got her down as well.


Later that night I could tell that Crystal was tired from all of her work and studying. She just wanted to spend quality time together and was frustrated that she still had more to do. That frustration started to get directed towards me until it came to a boiling point and produced tears.

In the past I would vent my frustrations back at her, but I am learning. I realized how stressed she was and while I wanted to express my feelings I knew the only thing she needed was support. I needed to comfort and help relieve some of the stress that was weighing down on her.

We talked and more tears followed but eventually she was able to let out some of the emotions and stress that was lingering on her mind. I tried showing as much emotion and love for her as I could, reassured her that everything would be ok, and together we worked our way out of an emotional recession.

After we were able to put it behind us and relax. She felt comforted and I was reminded how much I cared about this individual. She works extremely hard and recently hasn’t had much time to enjoy herself. We finished the night by watching the Packers game. She fell asleep in my arm on the couch and I couldn’t help but constantly look at her with awe and pride.

Crystal couldn’t join us this week in the blog, which allows me the perfect opportunity to express how much I appreciate and love her. She is my world and I’m realizing that I must do everything it takes to express that love to her.