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6 Signs You Need Glasses ASAP!


CC Licensed via Pixabay-fkyj/ Modified by DreamyBlogger

NO 1: That “What the heck is wrong with this stupid laptop screen” feeling.

If it happens a few times on a fairly old computer [more than 3 years], fine, then it’s probably the computers fault BUT, if it happens too often on a new computer or laptop screen then you know it’s about time you made an appointment with your optician.

NO 2: Brightness down..down..down..

Is everything a bit too bright and sensitive for your eyes these days? Do you notice yourself turning off the lights in your room too often even when you need to have it on and/ or keeping the window curtains closed during the day to avoid any sign of sunlight entering your room? Do you continuously hit that – button on your computer brightness level to see the screen without discomfort? If your answer to any of these questions is a big fat YES, then yeah it’s quite an obvious sign that you might need glasses.

NO 3: Squinting your eyes too often in normal day light?

Do you find yourself squinting your eyes in normal day light? I mean you think the sun is getting in your eyes just because you can sense a tiny hint of sunshine on your face? This means your eyes are becoming really sensitive to light and it is also one of the signs that you might need a pair of glasses.

NO 4: Blurred vision too often? 

I mean you can see clearly but your vision is not as crystal clear as it once was? Yeah? You know what that means!

NO 5: Tender and really uncomfortable feeling on the sides of your temple.

Do you get those random dizziness and headaches when you’re trying to focus on reading something? Yup you just discovered one more sign to know that you need glasses.

NO 6: The idea of someone wearing glasses suddenly went from “Err Nerdy” to “Wow…Cute and Intelligent”.

Did it?  Don’t lie. There is a good chance that you’re already mentally preparing yourself to start wearing glasses and there is nothing wrong with that. Glasses are cool, for real! I don’t know, most people who wear glasses have this professional look and that includes myself too. 😛


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