8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Stop Being Depressed [I suffered and recovered]

So many people so often underestimate the consequences of depression and anxiety on an individual’s life simply because the physical symptoms are not as bad as the ones for other health conditions. One thing they fail to understand is that, depression and anxiety are like two horrible monsters that have the power to eat up someone’s life slowly but surely. The people who are seriously suffering from chronic depression will know that I’m not exaggerating when I say all this.

How on earth does depression and anxiety have the power to eat your life up?

Because these two things are so friggin smart that they aim to damage your heart and mind. If your heart is not happy and your mind is not stable, what can you do?

These 5 tips I’m about to share are from my very own experience of battling with chronic depression for the past few years of my life [from the age of late 17-almost 23 now]. And now after almost 6-7 years of battling it, I’m happy to finally be able to say that I have overcome depression.

My first and foremost thanks and praises goes to my lord, my good shepherd, Jesus Christ. Without him being there for me, I would not have managed to even be alive this very moment. He has been there for me through thick and thin, so I’d like to mention my thanks to him first.

Now here are the 8 in depth tips I learned while battling depression for the past few years of my life.

NO 1: Have you fallen prey for the ideological goals or ways to be considered as successful?

One of the many haunting symptoms of depression is the sense of failure and low self-esteem. I have learned that whatever I’m doing in my life at presence should be something that I enjoy doing in my heart. If your heart is not happy, your mind cannot focus with its full potential and you will not be able to succeed what you’re capable of.

The career path you have chosen and/or your current job, what is the one big reason why you chose to do it?

Is it because your parents, relatives or friends think it’s a reputable thing to do and that you will earn a decent income if you do it? Is it simply because you think that’s the only way you can become rich? Is it because you think you have no other choice? What is it that is making you do what you’re doing right now? Is it because you love it?

Write down the main reasons why you are doing what you’re doing right now. If those listed reasons do not contain the following words, it means that you’re heart is not happy and you’re trying to please others.

-It’s my dream goal

-It’s my ambition

-I do it because I love it

-I have passion for it

-I enjoy it

And whatever alternative words that you can come up with which indicates that your heart is happy with what you’re doing in life at the moment.

So now the big question..

Are you happy with what you’re doing in life right now?

If you’re not happy, work on breaking the chains that are stopping you from going after your real passions. Put aside what is and is not working for others and take a moment to think about what you want to be in your future. Do you want to be a restaurant owner? Do you want to be a teacher? Do you want to be a singer? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to be a doctor? What is it that your heart desires you to be?

If your heart’s desire is for you to become an entrepreneur and you’re studying to become an engineer instead, that’s not really going to help with your depression is it? In fact, this is probably what is even causing it.

NO 2: Time for some reality check here.

Stating the obvious here but it’s time for you to remind yourself that your life is and not anybody else’s. Is what you’re doing right now really what you want to do for the rest of your life? If your answer is no, stop it and do what your heart wants you to do. By this, I mean go after your real passion and not the one that others around you have built you up with.

NO 3: Become best friends with the can do attitude.

All the millions of reasons you have been giving yourself for why you cannot do something, overcome it with at least one good reason why you should. The second you put aside those negative reasons and start training your mind with can do attitude, half of your depression will fly away.

NO 4: Age really is just a number when you want to follow your passion.

Understand that our physical body can age but our inner guy can be as young as a 5 year old if you want him to be. The reason why I’d like to mention this here is that, some people above the age of 40 fear that it’s too late for them to make a career change. Some people think they cannot fall in love after a certain age. Who created these ideologies? These are simple fears that you have allowed your mind to create to stop you from running after your dream goals. Start ditching these reasons why you cannot do something and race after that one reason why you should. This will help your heart and mind to be at peace. As I’ve been mentioning earlier, if your heart is happy and mind is steady, depression will fly away.

NO 5: Calm down on the emotional rollercoasters!

Every time you find yourself being depressed about something or nothing, immediately ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you are. Are you thinking about your love life? Are you worried about not having achieved your responsibilities? Are you worried about being compared to others in a negative way?

Understand this, whatever reason that makes you break into tears can help build the stronger and successful you. Work on how you can keep your emotions in control.

NO 6: Keep your mind occupied (Timetable)

Sometimes allowing your mind to wander all over the universe leads us to think about unhelpful stuff that can cause depression. Make a timetable for yourself for each week and write down the things you wish to have accomplished for each day. Make sure it’s all things that you actually enjoy doing or else it will only make your depression worse. The timetable will help keep your mind to stay focused on the things that you should do to help yourself rather than the things that spoils you.

NO 7: Exercise moderately.


CC Licensed via Pixabay-lesslef

We all know that exercise is one of the key factors for a healthy life and no one can deny that. Exercise is not just for the physical health but it also plays a crucial role on your emotional wellbeing. Just a 10 minutes walking or jogging per day can go a long way with battling depression.

According to the research conducted by HuffingtonPost Healthy living team, exercise increases the production of Norepinephrine, a hormone associated with cognitive function, mood and learning.

What you waiting for? Put on those jogger pants and start walking [jogging if you like].


I’m sure you’ve noticed how I talked about running after your real passion more than anything else to stop being depressed. This is because you and I both know that whatever you’re most passionate about is what makes your heart happy and depression will fly out of the door if your heart is happy.

Don’t live a life trying to fit in with the crowd. You were born to stand out. Read quotes by some of the most successful people in the world, if there’s one thing that they all had in common, it is the guts to keep chasing their dreams despite the many obstacles they faced. Use all the nay sayers as your motivational staircase to success.

What are your experiences with battling depression and how are you handling it so far? 

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