How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 3- Don’t remind her of her past or compare her to your EX if you see yourself in her future!

There is a damn good chance that you probably did or would make yourself out to be a Mr.Perfect who doesn’t care about whatever that happened in her past because you want to be in her future. Is this really the case?

Because often times, guys lie that they don’t care about their girlfriend’s past simply because they’re going through that infatuation stage where they think they are crazily in love with a girl. And sadly, most girls fall for this because they all want that someone to love them for who they are bla bla.

If what I said above applies to you…

You need to either truly become the person you made yourself out to be to her or you should leave her for both of your good. Why would you lie or pretend to win her heart if you seriously don’t see a future with her?

If however, you seriously meant what you said to her in the beginning with all those sweet coated promises, don’t ever talk about her past or remind her about it at any point in her life.

CC Licensed via Flickr-David Johns Modified by DreamyBlogger

CC Licensed via Flickr-David Johns
Modified by DreamyBlogger

Don’t leave a scar that will ruin your peace.

You might win her heart and might even manage to be in a relationship with her for some time or get to the point of marrying her and so on, but if you ever remind a girl about her past or try to upset her by bringing up anything to do with her past, you’re going to leave a scar in her heart that will ruin your peace forever. Girls forgive but remember things very well, especially these kind of things and you might end up switching on her permanent mood swing button.

Remind her of her past doesn’t just mean talking about it; your actions will speak better.

Yeah, you might not speak to her about her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend but if you ever act in a way that shows her that you don’t trust her, you’re in trouble. Remind yourself what you said to her in the beginning and see her as a new person, just your girl and trust her.

Comparing her to your ex- girlfriend/wife is another way to kill it.

Yeah do you or would you do that? Make sure you don’t! Trust me, you will never want to get a girl started on this whole X Y Z funny business. It will be a worst case scenario and quite often, a never ending case if you get a girl started on with arguments about past relationships.

The subject of the next part of this series will be “She judges you by how you judge other girls”.

Here are the first and second parts of this series if you haven’t read them already:

How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 1- Does Your Look Matter?

How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 2- Are You Being Romantic or Desperate?

Does this topic relate to your love life? I’d love to know what you have to say about this! 

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How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 2- Are You Being Romantic or Desperate?

CC Licensed via Pixabay-IMAGE-WS Modified by DreamyBlogger

CC Licensed via Pixabay-IMAGE-WS
Modified by DreamyBlogger

Trying to impress a girl in a romantic manner is VERY different to doing stuff that can come across as being a bit too desperate. Do not ever underestimate a girl’s power to know when a guy is complimenting her genuinely and when he is complimenting her because he wants something.

Likewise, nothing lets her know how desperate you are more than your own words when you start talking about inappropriate things [sexual] constantly, especially when you two haven’t even got to know each other properly yet. If that’s what you’re after then you’re not in love with her and you should also stop reading this post.

Don’t commit real life plagiarism.

Another thing guys should keep in mind is that, searching for tips on how to impress her, win her heart etc is all fine because it just means you want to make your best effort for her BUT please do not copy or memorize sentences word for word and commit plagiarism in real life! Imagine she says to her mate “ah he said this cute line to me today that no one has ever said before” and then the curious mate [girls and curiosity are best friends] ends up Googling it. :/

Get ideas and inspirations but don’t say or write things word for word. Dedicating a sweet quote or saying is fine but don’t make it out like those are your own words.

If you’re really in love with her, take her out to places that could mean something for her rather than to a park or cinemas all the time. Not that watching a movie together is a bad thing to do but you can be different. Show her that you’re not like every other guy and just do something different. Whether it be a trip to the local museum or to the beach, take her to places where she can breathe in some fresh air and know that someone wants her to be happy.

The main point of this subject is that whatever you do and say should not come to her as if you just want her for lustful desires and it should say to her that you just want to see her happy and be herself.

Oh yes some guys take being sweet to another level and fake compliment for no reason, don’t do that. If her eyeliner is flooding under her eyes, she will not be impressed with your poem about how her eyes look like sword blabla you get what I’m saying?

The subject of the next part of this series will be “Don’t remind her of her past if you see yourself in her future!”.

Here is the part one of this series if you haven’t read it already!
How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 1- Does Your Look Matter?

Feel free to leave your comments and questions in the guestbook below. 


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How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 1- Does your look matter?

Following the enormous success I’ve had with my article on How to Win a Girls Heart, I’ve decided to start writing a more detailed guide on this very topic. But this time, I will break down each subject involved into separate posts with more detail so that you guys can get the best out of it. Another reason why I’m doing this is because I don’t intend to keep my original article on its current platform forever.

NOTE: I will NOT be writing any sort of sexual advice on this guide. This guide is about how to win a girls heart not about how to win her to your bed! If you’re just messing around with someone for time pass, this guide will be useless for you so please discontinue reading if you’re here with such intent.

So let’s begin with the first part, does your look matter when it comes to winning a girls heart?

Let’s be honest here, physical attraction does play some sort of role in all relationships. By this, we’re not talking about what you’re born with. How you look naturally is what God has blessed you with and you should be happy just the way you are. You should love yourself for who you really are and so should the girl you’re aiming for.

My golden rule for love: You can be Mr.Universe, have six packs, 8 packs bla bla but if your personality is trash, you’re ugly. Nothing more, nothing less.

This however, does not mean that you can avoid taking a shower every day or not brushing your teeth and expect a girl to be with you just because your personality is great. Come on, these are things that you have control over.

Personal Hygiene matters a lot. How does this have anything to do with winning a girls heart?

Well you wouldn’t want to win her heart if you had no intention of marrying her right? If so, why should she be with someone who is unclean and doesn’t take care of his personal hygiene because he’s just lazy? Unless you’re in a situation where you’re sick or have a disability that prevents you from taking good care of your personal hygiene by yourself, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE on this.

You don’t have to be wearing Armani perfume or Timberland shoes, but you sure can wear some clean clothes and take care of your personal hygiene right?

Brush your teeth, do your hair, shave when you have to, wear some cologne/deodorant and take care of your personal hygiene every day. No girl wants to be cuddling with a husband who is stinky. I do not want to sugar coat this truth with lies so accept this fact and keep yourself clean.

So my conclusion on this subject is that a great personality takes over good looks any day but this is no excuse to avoid things that you have absolute control over, like your personal hygiene and some moderate exercise.

The subject of the next part of this series will be “Are you being Romantic or Desperate?”.

And here it is: How to Win a Girls Heart: PART 2- Are You Being Romantic or Desperate? 

Feel free to leave your comments and questions in the guestbook below. 

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5 Realistic Ways to Deal with Your Haters!

Hate is a strong word that should not be used as a result of misunderstandings, assumptions or just plain paranoidness. Majority of the times we end up mistaking ‘dislike’ and ‘varied opinions’ for hate but it’s good to investigate it within yourself to avoid making pointless assumptions about someone.

NO 1: Does she or he know you even exist? 


This is a serious check that has to be done before assuming that someone hates you, especially girls. Not every girl who stares at you from head to toe is a hater; chances are the girl who was staring was probably just impressed by your physical appearance. I don’t know how many girls must think that I hate them or something just because they happened to catch me staring a few times. NO! I don’t, really, most of the times I’m just checking them out and what they are wearing. This is a habit for most girls, especially when you’re on a public transport service like train, come on…how long can you stare at the floor or at the top of the train? So you just look around and see what kind of people are around you.

My point is that the person you caught staring at you a couple of times was probably just staring at you in a harmless way, just to see what you’re wearing or your hairstyle or whatever. Sometimes they probably weren’t even looking at you but somewhere else, so don’t assume that someone hates you just because you caught them staring at you a few times.

NO 2: Accept the fact that you CANT be liked by everybody.

Maybe the person who you see as your hater is probably someone who dislikes a particular thing you did or a characteristic about you. Maybe you did something that could have upset them in some way or other. This is where you really need to accept the fact that you can’t please everyone and disliking is not the same as hating so don’t confuse those two words. Well I know it’s not a good feeling to know that someone doesn’t like you but if you know that you haven’t done anything wrong to them for them to dislike you, what else can you do about it? You are an individual and so are they. Everyone has the right to like and dislike, you have to accept it and move on. It’s probably not the best advice you were waiting to hear but it is what it is.

NO 3: The best feeling in the world is when you make your hater, your friend!


CC Licensed via Pixabay-werner22brigitte/ Modified by DreamyBlogger

Even if you don’t want that person to be your friend, ask yourself if there is a chance for you to go and make peace with him or her. Did you know that some people pretend to hate but deep inside they just don’t really care? So if you go and start a conversation with a simple ‘Hi’, who knows where that might lead you? This advice is not practical if that hater is your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, nah that is not going to work out very well, especially if they are in another relationship.

The maximum you can do with ex partners is to just forgive them in your heart and move on with your life. But otherwise, try to talk to that person privately and just make peace. Trust me, be in control of yourself  and don’t let your ego be in control of you. Who cares maybe they disliked something about you for whatever reason but what if that person decides to talk back with you and agree to make peace? Take that chance when you can and see what happens. If you know in your heart that you would actually feel better after making peace with this person, take the chance and go for it.


CC Licensed via Pixabay- openclips/ Modified by DreamyBlogger

NO 4: Smile and exercise!

Honestly if someone really hates you, they don’t want to see you smiling right? So do it and don’t stop smiling whatsoever because when you keep your head high and smile, they lose! If you’re going through really bad emotional stress, occupy your mind with something that is relaxing for your mind.

It can be anything from dancing, singing, exercising or just plain yoga meditation, whatever it is, just get into the habit of spending some time to do it to avoid negative thoughts and keep your mind stress free.  Your body has to be healthy to focus better on the things you need to focus on and succeed in life.

What better revenge can you take than to just be in a state where you’re completely happy and succeeding in life?  It all boils down points 1, 2 and 3 in the end. If you haven’t done anything to them and/ or if it’s impossible to make peace with that person, what else can you do about it? Keep your mind stress free and focus on your goals.

NO 5: Last but not least, stop stalking your hater!


CC Licensed via Pixabay-Kaz/ Modified by DreamyBlogger

How often are you landing on their Facebook or Twitter page to see what on earth they are up to in their life? If you think they hate you and know for sure that they do, why are you curious to know about their business? I mean this curiosity exists in everyone and I know it can be tempting as well but giving up this bad habit can save a lot of STRESS! Train your mind to forget about their existence and see them as a complete stranger. Don’t be curious about what they are doing in their life, just focus on making yours better. If you can’t help yourself from stalking them, deactivate your social networking accounts for a while to just relief your mind out of it.


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