There is a damn good chance that you probably did or would make yourself out to be a Mr.Perfect who doesn’t care about whatever that happened in her past because you want to be in her future. Is this really the case?

Because often times, guys lie that they don’t care about their girlfriend’s past simply because they’re going through that infatuation stage where they think they are crazily in love with a girl. And sadly, most girls fall for this because they all want that someone to love them for who they are bla bla.

If what I said above applies to you…

You need to either truly become the person you made yourself out to be to her or you should leave her for both of your good. Why would you lie or pretend to win her heart if you seriously don’t see a future with her?

If however, you seriously meant what you said to her in the beginning with all those sweet coated promises, don’t ever talk about her past or remind her about it at any point in her life.

CC Licensed via Flickr-David Johns Modified by DreamyBlogger

CC Licensed via Flickr-David Johns
Modified by DreamyBlogger

Don’t leave a scar that will ruin your peace.

You might win her heart and might even manage to be in a relationship with her for some time or get to the point of marrying her and so on, but if you ever remind a girl about her past or try to upset her by bringing up anything to do with her past, you’re going to leave a scar in her heart that will ruin your peace forever. Girls forgive but remember things very well, especially these kind of things and you might end up switching on her permanent mood swing button.

Remind her of her past doesn’t just mean talking about it; your actions will speak better.

Yeah, you might not speak to her about her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend but if you ever act in a way that shows her that you don’t trust her, you’re in trouble. Remind yourself what you said to her in the beginning and see her as a new person, just your girl and trust her.

Comparing her to your ex- girlfriend/wife is another way to kill it.

Yeah do you or would you do that? Make sure you don’t! Trust me, you will never want to get a girl started on this whole X Y Z funny business. It will be a worst case scenario and quite often, a never ending case if you get a girl started on with arguments about past relationships.

The subject of the next part of this series will be “She judges you by how you judge other girls”.

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