8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend for Under $50

A huge part of Christmas joy is waking up to open presents from your loved ones and it’s even more special to open gifts from your other half right? Nobody said you’ve to buy super expensive watches or branded clothing to impress your boyfriend for this Christmas.

Check out these handpicked Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend for just under $50.

NO 1: Burnes of Boston 545840 Love 4 Opening Wall Collage


It’s always good to start off with something a little romantic when it comes to choosing gifts for your other half. This ‘LOVE’ frame can hold up to 4 photos measuring 4 inch by 6 inches each. Just pop in 4 cute pictures of you and your boyfriend and he will have a really sweet and romantic Christmas gift this year. This will also be a gift of sweet memory for him to wake up to every morning.

Customer ratings: 92 percent 4-5* ratings

What are customers saying about it?

Customers seem to really love the elegant beauty of this collage frame. Some have commented about how it looks even nicer in person. Others have commented about the good quality and how it really stands out as a statement décor piece on their wall.

Very pretty. Makes a statement on my wall.”

“not tacky, not too modern. perfect fit for our bedroom.”

“Got this gift for my Boyfriend for Christmas, he was very surprised to see it and loves it! “

This wall collage is truly beautiful. It looks even better than the picture on the website.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 2: iCooker® Self Stirring Coffee Mug (Available in 3 colors)



Sometimes what boyfriend really needs is a nice comfy mug to drink his coffee or tea in every morning. What would be a better Christmas gift for coffee loving boyfriends than this super cool self-stirring mug? Huh self-stirring? Yes, you read that right. With a press of a small button on the side, this mug will stir up your coffee or Tea nicely. It comes with an airtight lid with a small drinking hole which makes it perfect as a travel mug too.

It’s available in 3 colors: Black, Yellow and Red.

Customer ratings: 80 percent 4-5* ratings

What are customers saying about it?

Customers sound really excited about the idea that a self-stirring mug actually exists. Many of them have commented about how it works as a cool and unique gift for coffee/tea lovers. They take it to work and everywhere they go easily because of the airtight lid that it comes with.

This was a great surprise gift for my husband. Works well so far.”

“This is such a wacky invention. Its funny that it even exists. I got it as a gift and I’m loving every bit of it.”

“That is THE MUG!!! Now all my co-workers want one!!! Jajajaja!”

“I’m glad I got this as a gift since my husband and I are both coffee lovers! It’s great for traveling because it has a lid.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 3: Broadway Basketeers Thinking of You Gourmet Gift Tower


Who can say no to this beautiful tower of sweet treats on Christmas day? Your boyfriend sure won’t. Please his sweet tooth with this cute tower of delicious sweet stuff like milk yogurt pretzels, butter toffee peanuts, Cajun mix, decadent chocolate chip cookies and more. He also won’t be able to take his eyes of the cute silver gift tower wrapped in classic black bows.

Customer ratings: 75 percent 4-5 ratings

What are customers saying about it?

“Such a great thank you gift. Items were delivered on time & the recipients love them!”

“I’ve bought a couple Broadway basketeers and friends and family has always liked them, and the candys ;)”

“I did not get a chance to see this gift so all I can advise is that the receiver of the gift gave this 5 stars. Good enough for me.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 4: Malden International Designs Expressions P.S. I Love You Picture Frame

photo frame

This is yet another romantic gift you can get your boyfriend for this Christmas. Can’t keep my eyes of the ‘I Love You’ on this photo frame. Pop in an adorable picture of you and your boyfriend and you will have a little sweet and inexpensive Christmas gift for him.

Customer ratings: 95 percent 4-5*

What are customers saying about it?

They seem to really love the simplicity and value they get for the inexpensive price.

“These frames make fantastic gifts – Pictures are so much more meaningful with just a little added text.”

“Just as expected. Cute message , simple but pretty design.”

“Perfect christmas gift!!!”

“Really cute and husband loved it.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 5: Homer Simpson Slippers for Men



If you’re looking for something out of the box and quirky to buy for him for this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with these super adorable pair of Homer Simpson slippers. Not only is it unique, but it also makes a practical Christmas gift that he will definitely appreciate during the cold winter months.

Customer ratings: 95 percent 4-5*

What are customers saying about it?

They love it of course! It sort of turned out to be the favorite type of gift for people who’re not a fan of ordinary gifts.

“Love these! Had em for over a year and they’re still going strong.”

“Bought 4 pairs of these over a number of years for hubby. So warm and comfy.”

“There AWESOME My Husband Loves Them”

“Timely and good quality as usual.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 6: Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel 



Another cool and practical Christmas gift idea for the boyfriend who’s an avid coffee drinker. This is currently the bestselling and best rated coffee machine on Amazon for just under $50. The easy access design of this digital coffee maker will allow him to make the perfect cup of coffee every morning with no hassles. It has many cool features like the adjustable keep warm function which will keep his coffee warm at all times.

Customer ratings: 85 percent 4-5* ratings from over 1700 customers.

What are the customers saying about it?

Customers seem to really enjoy the easy access design of this coffee maker as well as its quality for the price. Quite a lot of customers have commented about how much they appreciate the carafe of this coffee maker that doesn’t drip one bit.

“We replaced a Cuisinart machine that cost more and leaked. We’ve had this a few months and so far, we’re very pleased.”

“It’s easy to start up, way to use, and I love that you can program it to brew around the time you wake up.”

“I absolutely love this one. It’s simple and easy to use, where other machines are overly complicated.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 7: Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set In Silver 


Guys shave. Some guys shave every single day and even if your man doesn’t, he will sure appreciate you getting this top rated Harry D Koeing shave set as a gift for him for this Christmas. He can get his daily smooth shave in style with this classy looking 4 piece shave set.

Customer ratings: 70 percent 4-5* ratings

What are customers saying about it?

Customers are loving the classy vintage look of this shave kit and some have commented about the softness of the brush.

“I bought it as a gift to my husband and he loves it. He likes it so much that he doesn’t want to use it.”

“I purchased this as a gift for my fiancee. He absolutely loves it.”

“Excellent. Way better than using a messy cold can of shaving creme.” Read their original feedback and more.

NO 8: Armani Code by Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray



Still haven’t made up your mind on what Christmas gift to get for him? Get him a super sexy smelling perfume like this Armani Code above. Perfumes and colognes are one of the rarest gifts that work out well for both men and women. The fragrance of this perfume is made out of a blend of apple, lavender, cumin, citrus and woods. It’s recommended for romantic wear. What more? Grab your hands on it.

Customer ratings: 90 percent 4-5* ratings

What are customers saying about it?

“I haven’t smelled anything better than this before. I love this cologne and my girlfriend too.”

“I get so many compliments. The ladies love it. You can’t go wrong with Armani.”

“Got for my boyfriend and he LOVES it. Im glad and totally worth the price.” Read their original feedback and more.

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If You Block Someone on Facebook, Do They Know?

Ah that creepy thought that pops into your mind when you’re about to block someone on Facebook, will they know?

You can rest assured whoever you’re blocking will not get a notification of any sort informing them about it.

However, they can find out!

If he or she on your blocked list was someone who never missed a single Facebook activity of yours on their news feed and suddenly there is no sign of you for over a week or more, it’s going to hint them two things:

  1. You deleted your Facebook
  2. You blocked them

If they assume there is no reason why you would delete your Facebook account and depending on how attached this person was to your Fb activities, he or she can do the following to find out if you’ve blocked them:

  1. Visit your profile from someone else’s account and type up your name on the search bar to see if your account is still active.
  2. If your privacy settings only allow friends to search your name on search bar, this person can visit another person’s profile that has you and look up your name on their friends list.
  3. In rare cases: Another odd way they can find out is if a tagged picture of yours (if you two have mutual friends) appears on their news feed and your Facebook name is not clickable. Even worse is when (if) you happen to have a conversation on that photo but all they can see is the other person’s replies to you.

It all depends on how desperate they are to find out what happened to your Facebook.

Creepy isn’t it?

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Tyler Perry Madea Movies List in Order (Trailers Included)

These are the 9 official Madea movies by Tyler Perry so far. The first 8 of these movies were originally created for his popular stage plays and then made into movies (because we all just love Madea!).

The 9th one, which was released in 2015, is an animated movie of Madea.

‘Madea gets a job’ (2012) stage play has not been made into a movie, yet, and ‘Madea’s neighbors from hell’ is the new play in progress for 2014.

I believe these two will also be out on the big screen soon (hopefully).

Madea DVDs are available on Amazon.

NO 1: Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

I still remember the first time I bumped into this movie 2 years ago, it was when I was searching on Google for funny and uplifting movies for women. Google gave me a pleasant surprise by introducing me to Madea!

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Full Screen Edition)

I seriously wonder if I’m the only one who failed to realize that Madea is Tyler Perry when I first watched this movie. I kept saying to myself “ah this face looks so familiar” but didn’t get it until I watched another one and then asked Google for help again.

Diary of a mad black woman is the story of a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman named Helen McCarter (Kimberly Elise) who is betrayed and treated badly by her husband, Charles (Steve Harris) of 18 years.


She was a loving and faithful wife to her husband and for the 18 whole years that she lived with him, her world was nothing more than being a good house wife.

Charles leaves and announces to divorce her for another (white) woman.

The movie portrays the pain of Helen and all that mess that she goes through after being chucked out by her husband. She takes refuge at Madea’s (her grandmother) house. Madea, as we all know is a gigantic, brave, short tempered and hilarious woman with a gun that she’s not afraid to use. She helps boost up Helen’s self-esteem and supports her like a guardian and makes us LOL throughout..

Helen finds true love that she has never experienced in her 18 years of marriage from Orlando (Shemar Moore), a handsome young man who falls for her.

Diary of a mad black woman movie will bring out a mixture of laughter, tears and joy in your heart when you watch it. It is such an uplifting movie to watch, especially for women who’re experiencing troubles in their marriage life.

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How to Deal With Negative People in Your Life (Q &A)

Being surrounded by negative people can really eat up your positive spirit and energy. I can completely relate to it. There’s always that one person or a group of individuals who do nothing with their lives other than spreading their negative spirit to other people.

What’s even worse is when some try to play this nasty act in the form of ‘jokes’. I don’t know about you but for me, if someone did or said something that made me go “err was that even a joke”, then it simply isn’t one because it certainly didn’t make me laugh out loud.

Don’t forget to read: 8 things you can do right now to stop being depressed

So how do you deal with these negative people in your life?

Well firstly write down the answers to the following 4 questions:

  1. How important is this person or people in your life?
  2. Are you aware of any health condition or life altering circumstances that they are going through?
  3. Were they always like this or did something happen that changed them?
  4. Would you feel happy from within your heart if this person or people never existed in your life?

It’s important that you write down the answers to the above questions so we can figure out the right way to deal with them according to where they stand in your life.

I say this because if the negative person or people are your own siblings or people who have meant so much for you in your life, getting rid of them or completely losing contact with them might not be the right solution. Answering those questions will let you know where these ‘negative people’ stand in your life and how much their presence means to you.


Good. We’ll start off with the person or people who mean something for you in your life. If these individuals’ are always being negative to you, how can you deal with them?

These are people who used to make you happy and meant so much to you at some point in your life, how did they become so negative all of a sudden? Did you do something that could have upset them in some way? If yes, have you tried apologizing and making some effort to make peace?

If you haven’t, don’t delay any further. If they mean something to you, make peace with them if that would solve their negativity around you. If someone is worth keeping in your life, do whatever possible to make peace with them because the peace and happiness you get after solving the issues out will be priceless for you.

Dealing with negative people who have health issues and/ or are suffering from major life events.

These people absolutely do not have the right to take out their stress on you just because they’re suffering from an illness or a terrible life event BUT, if that’s the case then it’s good for you to be a little empathetic towards them right?

This means you sort of put yourself in their shoe and learn to ignore them for as long as you could simply because you can understand whatever issue that this person is dealing with in their life.

If you’re feeling a little more noble towards this person, you could try talking to them to see if that would help because sometimes we all need someone to just listen and be there for us right? Sometimes you can just look at people and tell that they’re not being themselves. If you feel the same way, try to talk to him or her to see if you can help make them feel any better.

The point here is that in some cases, being nice to negative people makes them become nice eventually. Go for it if you’re willing because who knows you could just end up making a good friend after all their negative spirit is gone.

Now the negative people who mean nothing to you, how do you deal with them?

The first best thing to do is to ignore them and don’t let them know that their negative energy is getting to you. Keep your head up, smile and go on about your daily routine as if these people were invisible.

If ignoring is only boosting them up to keep bugging you more, it’s about time you let them know how annoying they are. It’s quite unbelievable but some people fail to realize that they’re always being negative until someone sits them down and explains it to them. It’s your turn, just do it.

Find a moment to talk to them face to face or by any other ways of contact (Phone, email, Fb etc) and let them know how they have been upsetting you. If they didn’t really mean to be getting on your nerves all the time, they will apologize and avoid doing it again.

Is it time to wave good bye?

If this person or people are purposely being negative to you all the time, their only aim is to see you upset. If ignoring and explaining simply doesn’t work with them, this is when it’s time to wave good bye to these people in your life.

You’ve tried ignoring, you’ve tried explaining but they simply don’t have any intention to change so it’s not your problem anymore. Delete and block them from all your social networks and remove them from your life as much as possible.

If they don’t mean anything to you, you don’t have to deal with such negativity every day in your life. You can make use of your energy and effort for better uses.

Pursue with whatever you’re doing or planning to do and keep yourself happy because these negative people just don’t want see you smile.

SMILE! Just smile and don’t give them your attention if they do not deserve it.

Share your frustration. How are you dealing with such people?

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