Guys, if a girl truly falls for you, she wouldn’t want to keep any secrets from you, definitely not the ones that you should know about. She would usually make the effort herself to tell you all about her past relationship/s and whatever else that she feels you should know about.

Some guys think it’s gangsterish [made up word] to go around updating Facebook statuses swearing at and judging other girls for no reason. 9/10 of the times, they have never even seen that girl or talked to her at any point but will be so quick to spread gossips about her. If you think updating statuses or sharing negative posts about girls makes you a cool person, you will be surprised to know that you are wrong.

Do you know what this reveals about you to her? That you are too quick to judge other girls and that you expect girls to be super perfect. Nobody is perfect.

Believe me, if you constantly act in the way I’ve mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that the girl you’re after will fall in love with you. Even if she does let her hormones take over and go for you, there is a fine 50/50 chance that she will keep secrets from you. By secrets, we’re talking about serious things that you probably should know about.

Us girls, we firmly believe in this saying:

If you keep judging other girls and calling them names all the time, chances are your girl will not want to be open with you to avoid being judged by you.

All of what I’ve written above is only if your girl is not a gossiping type or the one who is not quick to judge other girls.

The subject of next part will be ‘Become her best friend so you can be the best Boyfriend too!’

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Have you fallen in this trap? Let me and other readers know how you feel about it.