Your hormones make you go through some crazy stuff when you start having feelings for someone. Here are 7 signs that could indicate your friend means more than just a friend to you. If he or she is the one experiencing these things then it could possibly mean that they have feelings for you. It’s not always 100% the case but it’s just some of those things that make you go ‘does he or she like me?’.

NO 1: You simply can’t digest the thought of seeing him or her being in a relationship with someone else.

Jealousy can exist between genuine friends but you can tell when that jealousy is because you have feelings for your friend. Ask yourself if you’re okay with your friend dating someone else and if your heart says no, take a moment to examine exactly why you’re feeling that way. Is it because you think the new girl or guy might make your friend to ignore you at some point? Or is it because you simply just want them to be with you and you only?

Another question you should ask yourself is, if this friend of yours does get into a relationship with someone else, how is that going to affect you? I mean, if it’s a normal friendship jealousy stuff, you would be upset for a short period of time but eventually might even end up becoming friends with his or her partner and just be cool with it.

If on the other hand you seem to be going through way too much emotional pain as if you just broke up with your own boyfriend or girlfriend then chances are you could be secretly growing feelings for this person without even realizing it.

NO 2: Over-protectiveness and fear crossing the border.

Forget about them being in a relationship with someone else, you can’t even seem to handle it when another guy or girl is trying to make the move with them. You would feel really angry when you catch him or her flirting with someone else, even for jokes.

You find it so uneasy when you see them spending time with their opposite genders. You just want them to be in your world all the time.

NO 3: Anger and emotional rollercoasters when expectations are not fulfilled.

You could start expecting a lot of things from your friend that you should expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to do for you. For e.g. Expecting your friend to call you and answer your call whenever you want to talk to him or her. If they happen to be on the phone to someone else for more than 30 minutes, your curiosity will not leave you alone until you find out the gender of the person he or she was on the phone to and what that person means for them.

NO 4: You start paying way too much attention to their likes/dislikes.

You want to make every effort possible to be on the positive side of that person. Normal friends [even best friends] can be friends with a certain degree of differences and similarities but if you start getting the urge to match your likes and dislikes with theirs simply to make a positive impression then yeah you probably see them more than just a friend.

NO 5: Trying to make an impression with his or her family members.

If you have feelings for him or her, you would naturally want to be on your best behavior with his or her family members [if you get the chance to meet them]. You would try your best to make sure they like you.

NO 6: You’re blushing around your friend?

Do you catch yourself smiling constantly like a goldfish and blushing for no reason when you’re around your friend? You know what that means!

NO 7: Hug from your friend feels like you just won a million dollar lottery?

Really? Do you get that excited butterflies and bumblebees [more excited] feeling whenever you hug your friend? Erm…you surely will not feel this way if you only saw this person as your friend.

NO 8: You pretend to be angry when someone asks if you two are a couple but in your heart, you actually get happy hearing that. 

Are you experiencing any of these signs? How do you feel about it?