If you’re googling this question, chances are you’re not sure why your husband isn’t expressing love in a way you can understand or he is doing things that make you wonder if he loves you at all.

Before you start reading this list, keep in mind that not all men are emotionally expressive. Some men can love their wives with all their heart and soul but they might not express it to her on a regular basis or might not do it at all. Their experiences in past relationships and/ or childhood could have made them like this in which case they just need some help from their wives to become more brave and expressive.

NO 1: He follows the confidentiality rule.  

This means he doesn’t talk about your business with other people, no matter who they are to him. By “business”, we’re talking about things that should really stay between the two of you like things about your intimacy or about an argument.

NO 2: He will not compare you with other women.

If your husband loves you for real, he will not be comparing you to his ex-partners or with his friend’s wife in a way that makes you feel like s**t.

NO 3: He will not kill your self-esteem and self-confidence.

If your hubby loves you, he will not talk about the extra pounds you’ve put on or about the pimples on your face in a cruel way that kills your self-esteem. Of course he has the right to help you deal with these things but he shouldn’t be calling you names or cussing your appearance in front of other people.

NO 4: He will not USE you like a S** machine.

Your husband has the right to expect it from you whenever he wants but he will make sure that it’s pleasurable for you too and not a pain in the a**. He will show you love and treat you like a lady. If you’re not feeling well or not in the mood for it at times, he will give you your space happily and wait until you get better. He will respect your emotions.

NO 5: He will treat your family members like his own.

If your husband loves you, he should love your family members like his own unless they are mean to him for no reason. If your family members show him respect and love, your husband should also do the same and treat them like his second family. He will not put orders of when you can visit your mom or when you can stay over. He will give you the freedom to spend time with your family members like nothing has changed.

NO 6: He trusts you and doesn’t get paranoid about every guy that you ever talk to.

If your husband loves you, he will trust you and know in his heart that you will never betray him. Everyone has a little possessiveness about their partners and that’s a good thing but it only becomes ugly if he lets this possessiveness takeover to the point where he questions you and annoys the hell out of you about every single guy that you ever talk to.

NO 7: He empowers you.

If your husband loves you, he will respect the fact that you could also have dreams and ambitions for yourself. He will encourage you to succeed in those dreams no matter who is against it. He makes you feel independent. This might not always be possible but he will at least show some respect for your dreams and ambitions. He will not brush them off like you belong in the kitchen only.

NO 8: He is not ashamed of you in front of others.

Unless he is a shy type from day 1, your husband will not hesitate to hold hands with you or give a kiss here and there when you two are out. Take good notice of how he reacts especially when other women are around.

NO 9: He fights for you.

When someone tries to bring you down in any possible ways, your husband will verbally fight for you (sometimes physically, when appropriate) like a guardian angel. He will make sure no one talks bad about you or hurts you in any ways.

NO 10: He shares responsibilities with you.

If your husband truly loves you, he will not think like a caveman and expect you to be doing all the house chores, taking care of the kids etc. He will share these responsibilities with you and be a supporting shoulder for you at all times.

NO 11: He will not describe the beauty of other women or flirt with other women.

Yeah some men simply don’t understand that it’s hard for a wife to be normal when her husband talks about the beauty of other women. And he sure as hell should not be flirting with other women both in front of and behind your back.

NO 12: He learns to deal with your mood swings.

If your husband truly loves you, he will understand the fact that you’re also a normal human being. He will understand your mood swings and keep calm during those times so things don’t turn into ugly arguments. This is a hard one to follow for most men, but at least he will not end up thinking so bad of you for having mood swings once in a while. He will try to be calm and not make things worse at least.

NO 14: He realizes when he has done something wrong and will apologize to you like he means it.

Some men never realize their wrongdoings simply because it seems like nothing big in the eyes of others but a husband who truly loves you will know when he has upset you and he will eventually make the effort to apologize to you.

NO 15: He will never cheat on you (verbally/physically).

If your husband loves you, he loves you and he will never want to cheat on you with another woman. There is no if and but, he simply will not cheat on you.

What does your husband do or do not for you to show his love?