What are the Pros and Cons of dating someone who is 10 or more years older than you? Like every other relationship, this one will also have some good sides and some bad sides but what matters is how it’s going to affect you.

5 Pros of dating a man who is 10 years+ older than you:

  1. Still sexy! Some men are so incredibly fit that hardly anyone will be able to even notice the age gap.
  2. Maturity- If he is 10 years or so older than you, he would have obviously had far more life experiences than you. What this means is that, in most cases, when something goes wrong in your relationship, he will try to fix it instead of saying good bye.
  3. Financial stability- He would (should) have a job with some decent income to support himself and you. Not that someone younger will not be able to do this but if he is 10 years or so older, you can kind of 100% be sure that he knows his ways to make a living.
  4. Showers you with love- Some men who have a bigger age gap with their wives tend to treat them like princesses. Note that I said, “some”.
  5. Fatherly love- Again, some men with big age gap tend to treat their women with a blend of fatherly love. This can be a good thing and a bad thing at times.

5 Cons of dating a man who is 10 years+ older than you:

  1. Is it visible? If his physical appearance makes him look almost like your dad or granddad (in some cases), you and him might both have a hard time socializing with others, attending public events, parties and so on. Either you might feel embarrassed about his appearance or he will feel upset when (if) someone happens to think that he is your dad or something.
  2. Caged Princess- Even if he does treat you right and show you love, you can expect him to be 10 times more over protective than a guy without such big age gap. He might feel very insecure about the fact that you’re young and try to keep you in front of his eyes all the time. He might not let you socialize with others or have friends, especially young friends.
  3. He might have a hard time trusting you- If you’re way younger than him, with 10+ years age gap, he probably will not trust you as much as he would if you didn’t have such big age gap. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, but he doesn’t trust your age.
  4. Fear of Betrayal- In some worst cases, the guy will constantly have this fear that you might cheat on him just because you’re younger. Again, this is not because he doesn’t trust you but he just has issues with the age gap.
  5. Romance? – This is not the case with all men but sometimes if you happen to end up with a guy who is physically very old and has health problems, he might not be able to provide pleasure for you the way someone younger would. This is 50/50 chance though, sometimes you will be able to tell by his appearance and sometimes not.

Should you go for him?

You’ve read the pros and you’ve read the cons, now analyse your circumstances and see if you should.

Do you think he is still worth it?