I know, just having this question suddenly popup in your head, can be painful. What makes it unbearable is, the thought of being betrayed by your own best friend!

That girl you considered as your other half, sister from another mother, your right hand, etc, is the very person backstabbing you with your man.

How does that feel?

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Is My Boyfriend CHEATING on me with my Best friend?

Oops! Let’s not jump into any conclusions before you check out these 7 crucial signs indicating something fishy is going on between your boyfriend and best friend.

NO 1: Are my eyes playing tricks with me or…

Is she seriously trying to stick her flesh in his face? I hope you know what “flesh” I’m talking about right? Have you noticed your best friend wearing extremely revealing clothes, especially on the days she gets to see your man?

NO 2: She’s trying hard to get his eyes on her.

This links back to sign number 1. Have you seen your best friend trying her best to make sure your boyfriend sees her b***s and whatever else she could show?

Does it look as odd and confusing as to why she’s suddenly acting up like this?

Well, now you know why…

NO 3: He puts up odd statuses or shares posts, which you know 100%, have nothing to do with you.

Have you seen your boyfriend put up a status like “Sexy” and, then when you asked him, he claims it’s for you?

But you know, very well that status or post wasn’t meant for you. You also know very well, he’s been getting too “friendly” with her lately.

NO 4: They bump into each other in the oddest “accidental” ways possible!

Let’s just say for e.g. you bumped into your best friend at the shopping mall and out of nowhere, your boyfriend also makes an entry. You’re like what? How and why are you here? But they both just laugh it off and claim it’s a super coincidence that you all bumped into each other.

Can you relate to such stupid coincidental meetings of your boyfriend and best friend?

If so, now you know how “coincidental” that is.

NO 5: He happens to want her, everywhere you and him decide to go.

Does your boyfriend want her presence everywhere you and him decide to go? Does this behaviour of his seem so odd and new?

NO 6: She casually tells dirty jokes, sentences and anything else in front of your boyfriend.

If your best friend is suddenly starting to share dirty jokes and intimate stuff in front of your boyfriend, this could be a sign of her wanting to draw his hormones towards her.

If it looks odd and confuses the hell out of you, it probably is odd.

NO 7: Trust your inner instinct.

It’s your best friend you’re doubting and I’m sure she’s been giving you plenty of wrong signals to make you feel the way you do. So learn to trust your inner instinct when you must.

Can you relate to any of these or similar circumstances?

Share with our readers what signs you’re boyfriend has been giving for you to think he’s cheating on you with your best friend?