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1 Simple yet Hard to Follow Tip That Could Save Your Marriage or Relationship

The A+ B Rule. . .

You are A and your partner is B so don’t allow C (third person) to butt into your business. 

The only time you should talk about the ugly side of your relationship with someone is when (if):

  1. Your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is acting in ways that is or could physically harm you or kill you (in rare cases). Then of course, you need to seek help and get rid of this person for good.
  2. If you no longer love this person and simply want to move on.

Other than the 2 reasons above, you should keep the ugly sides of your relationship between yourselves. Why?

  • 90% of the time the person with whom you’re sharing your negative stories with really doesn’t care. It gives people this sense of being important when someone tells them about their relationship fuss so instead of trying to help, most of the times this person C will end up making things worse.
  • If you happen to tell your family members like your mom or brother about the arguments with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, they can become more focused on splitting you two apart to simply set you free from the relationship trouble.
  • You could open space for betrayal. If you share the arguments and ugly sides of your relationship with your close friend (same gender as you) who also happens to be your partner’s friend, there is a damn 99.9% chance that this person could use it to their advantage and steal your partner from you. In another word, your close friend can betray you. Believe me; it happens a lot these days.
  • You could end up feeding the hungry gossiper.

You might just be having some minor misunderstandings and arguments with your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend but you both probably love each other to bits. Things will start getting really awkward when you tell other people about the minor negative stuff that happens in your relationship. They can start gossiping about your relationship, exaggerate things and spread rumors. How is that going to help? It can help you guys to break up faster if you want.

The happiest relationship in most cases is one that buries the ugly stuff between themselves and only talks about the happy side to other people. Trust me, the very people you rely on to fix your relationship could potentially be the ones who’re secretly waiting for you guys to break up.

Think twice before you share your personal relationship matters with anyone other than your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. If you desperately feel that talking to someone might help then make an appointment with a relationship advice counselor.

What do you feel about letting other people get involved in your relationship problems? 

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Marriage & Divorce

7 Things (that actually work) You Can Do to Get Your Wife to Be Interested in You Again!

It’s not completely unusual for a couple to lose interest and get bored of each other after sometime of being together. But you should never allow it to get to the point where you’re asking Google for help on how to fix things up with your wife.

Time to question yourself.

Before we get started on this, take a moment to think how you have changed, in all aspects since your marriage. Have you aged significantly? Have you added on some stubborn layers to your belly that you didn’t have when you two were first married? How has your physical appearance changed and did it change for the better or worse?

We will start off with a few physical factors that can play a role in her interest in you.

NO 1: Love goes beyond the beer belly but. . .

If you could keep it in control, why don’t you? Your wife will not necessarily expect you to come with Six Packs or anything but she sure will not be pleased about the beer belly either. This is assuming, you’ve put on some weight but still have the physical health ability to lose those extra layers. Get fit and draw her interest!

Please ignore the above advice if you have a health condition of some sort that stops you from keeping fit. If you do suffer from such conditions then this can’t be the reason why she is not interested.

NO 2: Do you smell like Versace or like a dogs poop?

Some husbands, after they get settled and get comfy with their wives, stop paying attention to their body smell. Are you one of them? You don’t have to smell like Versace perfume 24/7 but you can make some effort to smell nice whenever you’re spending time with her doing whatever. A clean shower, nice shave and some nice cologne can go a long way in this matter with women.

NO 3: Emotional breakdown. Did you cause it? If yes, did you fix it?

Your wife can only show you her interest if her heart is happy. Have you ever done anything to upset her? Some women might not talk about it because they think their husbands will not give a toss about how they feel. If you want your wife to be interested in you, you got to show her that you’re interested in her happiness.

Find out if there is anything in particular that is upsetting her about you and talk to her about it.

NO 4: When was the last time you hugged her from behind and told her that she is beautiful?

I’m sure you would have done all kinds of things to impress her in the beginning, are you still doing those things? It is such a big deal for women because it just is. No matter what her age is or how bad her pregnancy stretch marks look, if you don’t make the effort to be romantic, how then will she be interested in you?

Think about all those sweet things you did for her when you two first met and in the beginning of your marriage. Are you still doing those things? I know life happens and eats up the time etc that you could spend with your wife but you it’s your responsibility to make sure that life doesn’t eat up the time that you need to spend with her and her alone.

Do you still wish her Happy Birthday at 12? [Did you ever?] Did you surprise her with a birthday card and a cute gift to show her how special she is? If you don’t do these things, it’s about time you did because these things matter for women. It matters a lot because it just shows her that you still see her as the same woman that you happily exchanged vows with on your wedding day.

No matter how old your wife is, make her feel young. Take her out for dinner and movie when you can and make the effort to spend time with her alone.

NO 5: When was the last time you made her feel special?

How do you talk to others about your wife? Women take good notice of what their husbands say about them to other people. Whenever you get the chance to talk about your wife, take it and talk about some good things that you love about her. This will sure make her heart happy and draw her interest towards you again.

NO 6: Help her in the kitchen and/ or with the washing whenever you’re free.

Don’t ever be like those men who treat their wives like an unpaid cook and an escort. If your wife is your other half, show her you mean it. Help her with her chores when you can and give her your supporting shoulder when she needs it.

NO 7: Last but not least, pay attention to her intimate needs as much as you do for yours.

Don’t rush off and fall asleep like a lazy donkey as soon as your business is done. Take things slow and pay attention to her needs too. I do not wish to go into too much detail on this one but I’m sure you know what I mean.

So which one of these things have you missed out on? Care to share your experience?

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